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The New & The Now…


At the inception of every New Year, we inundate ourselves with Great Intentions, Good Resolutions & Groovy Planners designed to encourage us on toward Grand Achievements.

Furthermore, we tend to be fascinated by “The New!” 
A New Year!
A New Day!
A New Beginning!
A New Journey!
A New Song! 

and On & On We Go, Optimistically Chasing toward the Future, without pausing long enough to realize that Immediately after the Big Ball Dropped, It Instantly Became NOW! 

Now is Not As Sexy, Attractive or Magnetic as NewNow reminds us that we have to Get the Stuck Up Off Our Butts NOW and Continue the Hard Work in Front of Us! Finish that Song! Complete that Mix! Practice!!

Now demands that we stay the course, because Now is All We Know and Now is All We Have!

Work Toward the New. Dream About It. Pray Into It. Plan For It. But Remember, New Simultaneously Morphs Into Now Every Second of Every Day.

Still in a Crusaders Mode, I was listening to “The 2nd Crusade” while posting this.

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Chase Away The Proverbial “They!”

crowdThey Say: “You’ll Never Make It in this Business” 

They Say: “You Need to Go to This School and have That Degree”

They Say: “Only 2% Succeed in Your Industry, So Don’t Bother”

They Say: “You Need The Right Connections”

They Say: “You Have to Dress Like This and Play Your Trumpet Like That or Forget It!” 

They Say: “No One Is Going to Appreciate Your Style of Music!”

They Say: “You Have No Right to Take That Position”

They Say: “You Don’t Deserve to Receive Those Accolades!”

They Say: “It Will Never Work!”

They Say: “Don’t Expect Much, So You Won’t Be Disappointed!”

Yes, They Say a lot of Discouraging, Mean & Nasty Things, often without trying to be Mean, Nasty or Discouraging.

Somehow They forget that the Celebrated Icons They Themselves Honor, Revere & Adore were Told the Very Same Things, Did Not Have the Right Connections, Money, Resources or Attend an Institution of Select Pedigree.

Icons are Pioneers whom Forge their Own Identities, Sounds, Art & Creativity onto the Global Landscape without Asking Permission or Seeking Solace in the Status Quo.

These Ambassadors of Innovation Shift the Platform of Public Paradigms into New Realities of Consciousness that Shape the Future and Transcend Life As We Currently Understand It.

With Constant Obstacle, Hurdles, Detours and Encumbrances at Every Level, Vanguards Chase Away the Proverbial They as These Climb Higher Toward Their Own Thrones, Created Just for Them.

Go and Do Likewise…

I Was Listening to YellowJackets “Shades” on Vinyl while composing this post.

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Quit Trying!

Let’s Face It, when you ask a favor or wish to enter into a collaborative effort and the other person utters the famous “I’ll Try” your internal alarm sends a warning that you’re either in for a tumultuous season of lies and deceit or find someone else!

If You happen to be the Offending Culprit, these next three words are for you. Make A Decision! 

Accomplishment is about Absolutes. Sometimes the best answer to give is a firm and resolute NO, but telling anyone – and especially yourself – that you’ll “try” is to invite chaos and turmoil into your life, while earning you a reputation of being dishonest, difficult to work with and perhaps completely useless.

Psychologists have explained that a physiological disconnect develops within your nervous system when stress, confusion and yes, indecision enters a person’s brain. Among the variety of subjects on the topic are Cognitive Indecision, Behavioral Indecision & Ethical Indecision. The phrase “I’ll Try” finds its roots in Indecision because one hasn’t come into agreement with their true intentions concerning a matter, so the subconscious tendency to sabotage the project is initially inherent.

Dr. Lance Wallnau (lancewallnau.com) takes this conversation a step further by introducing spiritual imperatives which he says delays real advancement in the manifestation of fulfilling our dreams and purposes. 

“I’ll Try” lacks the power, focus and motivation of “I’ll Do It!!”

Dr. Wallnau overwhelming proved this during a conference of over a thousand of us, in my church last year when he had us all stand up and yell the first and then subsequent phrase. The decibels, excitement and unity in the room rose exponentially as we “high-fived” each other in anticipation of our imaginary cause most assuredly being accomplished!

This concept is nothing new, nor particularly original to any one thought leader, but it is a Primary Principle for any EntreMusician who is determined to accomplish his/her objectives without the hindrance of potential ‘tryers’ who are potentially more destructive than naysayers. We can overcome the haters, but those who lack  the capacity to agree with themselves have no place aligning with our goals!

So Quit Trying. Start Doing.

I was listening to Lalah Hathaway’s “Self Portrait” as I composed this blog.

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