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Ten Reasons Why I Think ‘They’ Killed Prince

One Year Ago Today, I was sitting on the Other Side of My Studio Office on the Other Computer listening to the Long Version of Prince’s “America” (21:46), on Vinyl, but at around 14:56 deemed it far too funky for me to continue my writing. The Groove Pulled Me Away So I Had to Pull It Off.

At 12:58 PM, from This Computer, My Eldest Daughter Called as she usually does most Thursdays, but I was on ‘a roll’ and texted if I could call her back. The Phone chirped back at 1:03 PM: “Prince is dead.” No More Writing. I Returned Her Call. We Mourned.

No, I didn’t know him personally, but since I was just 13 years old when he released “For You” and 52 now, I certainly knew all he had chosen to share. And like many, I had long considered myself the quintessential Prince fan. Yes, I did skip two days of my junior high school year to tear apart “1999” song by song. I had never heard anything like it. Thus began a six year obsessive idol worship until after “Lovesexy” was released and Holy Spirit thoroughly and completely convicted me of such nonsense. So I sold all of my CDs. By the time “Diamonds & Pearls” came out, I could still respect his genius from afar without becoming transfixed in all the hoopla.

Prince was a master musician and I felt a tremendous sense of loss. Like Most, The “How” gnawed and grated at me. I read everything I could to try to make some sense out of it. I listened to his music. I watched News Story and for the first time became modestly interested in the Illuminati Conspiracy Theories. Some Actually Made Sense. I Think The Simpsons hit it on the head, but others were like…

Then I began to see for myself the Telltale signs of Mayhem that lead me to believe that the Official Story ain’t all it was composed to be. My Mother Always Told Me that the Devil is too Proud to Hide His Work and If You Look Close Enough, You’ll See Him for Who & What He Is.

Let Me Very Clear Here to state that I Believe Prince May Have Died from the Fentanyl Overdose. But There Are Too Many Fuzzy Details that Continue to Bug Me. I am going to List Them Below without too much personal commentary. I am going to include links, especially those which point to Others Making Mad Money in the Aftermath:

1. Who in their Right Mind Would Leave Prince Alone Knowing that He Was Sick or Since He Had a Serious Drug Problem that had worried some of his Team?


  • The Brother was Married & Divorced Twice…
  • He Had as Many Guitars as He Had Pairs of Shoes
  • He had Multiple Managers and Booking Agents over the Years
  • He Had Sparred with Warner Brothers for More than a Decade to win back his Masters and Not One Attorney in his Army of Lawyers overseeing his millions ever said, “Dude, Why Don’t You Let Me Draw Up A Will?”

3. From the Autopsy Room to the Crematorium.

4. ‘They’ Drilled into His Vault  Within Nine (9) Days of Prince’s Death -Without a Will.  I Blogged on This Before. Maybe they were searching for one, but…

5.‘They’ Turned Paisley Park into a Museum within Six (6) Months of His Death. Without a Will.

6. Tyka. Too Many Links of Really Weird Interviews to Pick Just The Right One.      Google Her.

7. Universal Music Acquires Prince’s Entire Publishing Catalog from his ‘Estate‘   Within Seven (7) Months. Without A Will.

8. Warner Brothers Announces the Re-Release of “Purple Rain,” Others…dare I say it again, Without a Will?

9. Warners Makes Prince Music Available for Streaming. Something We All Know He Fought Against. Now You Say It…

10. Perhaps this is a long shot, but the deafening silence of his bandmates, previous and former, who may have performed and co-written some of his unreleased material. Wouldn’t YOU Say, “Excuse Me Judge, but that bridge to the chorus that I received a 15% credit on…”??

On A Brighter Note, I Am Very Happy to Hear that Prince’s Estate, whomever they may be has sued to stop the release of “Deliverance” by Ian Boxhill and there are further reports that Universal Music may try to Nullify their Publishing Deal with the Prince Estate – i.e. they won’t be making as much money as they greedily thought they would.

May Our Brother Rest Peacefully, though his Transition is Shrouded in Mystery.

Guess What I’ll be Listening to Today?


Your Year In Review…Today

EntreMusicians are Excellent Planners & Keen Executioners. We are Faithful at Follow Up and Process our Visions to the Nth Degree. We Face Forward and Effortlessly Advance to our Next Scheduled Items without Losing the Groove.

All Good, but…

EntreMusicians are also challenged with an Acute Inability to Pause and Review our Work. We fail to Properly Index our Calendars to Scrutinize our Previous Performances & Projects and Ascertain their Effectiveness.

While most of us maintain the habit of waiting until the Final Week of December to sit with our Old & Shiny New Planners, the Wiser Move is to Consistently Schedule Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly Reviews (the More Obsessive EMs Implement Dailies) to Appropriate Our Goals, Sharpening Our Saws as We Meticulously Slice Away.

As We Approach this Fifth Month of the Year (already!) let’s take a day or two to Glance Back at the Rear View to Make Sure We’re Not Adrift of the Course we launched in January.


I was listening to Herbie Hancock’s “Mr. Hands” on Vinyl while composing this blog.


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