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Stay in Your Place!

You’re Not Allowed to THINK for Yourself
To have Your Own Opinion
To come up with Your Own Way of doing things
To go against the status quo
To QUESTION Established mores

Who do You Think You Are individualizing Your Own Platform, Forum & Community?

You’re Not Allowed in here
You Don’t Belong with the rest of us
You Don’t Measure Up
You’re under Dressed
You Don’t Understand how we do things
You Are Not the Right ColorAgeWeightHeightStatus

Who Told You You Could Rise Above, Excel, Prosper or Gain Advantage?

You’re Not Allowed to Persist
To Climb Your Own Tree
Farm Your Own Land
Pick Your Own Path
Build Your Own Dreams

Who Gave You Permission to Live Your Own Life?

Stay In Your Place!!

I was listening to Chaka’s “What Cha Gonna Do For Me?” on Vinyl as I wrote this



Dated VS Timelessness 

Dated chases Fads, Trends and the Latest Fashion

Timelessness contains Innovation, Creativity & Will

Dated is based on Beats, Loops & Sampling

Timelessness maintains Harmony, Natural Rhythm & Melody

Dated fluxes Gossip, Heresay & Innuendoes

Timelessness sustains Truth, Principles & Wisdom

Dated vacillates Fame, Fortune & Fears

Timelessness breeds Encouragement, Wealth & Security

Dated is Upgradable Technology 

Timelessness is Ever Expanding Imagination that can’t be Bottled, Bought or Sold

Dated are One Hit Wonders

Timelessness is Music that transcends Generations

Dated is Hatred 

Timelessness is Love 

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32 Particulars of Putting on a Show

  1. Make Sure All Band Members Are Available
  2. Make Sure All Band Members Are Available for All Necessary Rehearsals
  3. Make Sure All Band Members Are Available to Show Up for Rehearsals on Time and Rehearse throughout Allotted Time
  4. Make All Band Members Know the Songs to Rehearse , So Rehearsals are not spent Learning the Material
  5. Make Sure Promoter Promotes The Show
  6. Make Sure All Band Members Promote The Show
  7. Make Sure You Proofread All Press Releases before Sending Out
  8. Make Sure You Speak to & Send Input List to Sound Guy/Gal at Venue
  9. Make Sure You Are Able to Sub Out Missing Band Member with Musician of Equal or Better Skills
  10. Make Sure You Clearly Articulate to Each Band Member the Importance of Punctuality at Rehearsal, Sound Check & Gig…
  11. Make Sure Promoter Includes Social Media in their Promotion
  12. Make Sure Someone on Your Team Follows Up with Promoter
  13. Make Sure You Promote Show and Monitor Ticket Sales
  14. Make Sure Links to Online Ticket Sales Actually Works
  15. Make Sure You Record The Band Rehearsals and Email Tracks to Band the Next Day
  16. Make Sure You Hire a Good Videographer for Show
  17. Make Sure Videographer Knows Exactly what YOUR Vision is for Show
  18. Make Sure You Follow Up with the Sound Guy/Gal at Venue to ensure they have received Your Input List
  19. Make Sure All Band Members & Sub(s) Make Your Final Rehearsals
  20. Make Sure People Know About The Show
  21. Make Sure You Follow Up with Those who’ve received Your Press Release
  22. Make Sure You’re Prayed Up before the Next Rehearsal
  23. Make Sure You’ve Received a Deposit from Venue by Allotted Time Agreed
  24. Make Sure You Clearly Articulate to Each Band Member the Importance of Smiling and Engaging from the Stage
  25. Make Sure People Are Buying Tickets in Advance
  26. Make Sure You’re Not Above Begging Family Members to Please Buy Their Tickets in Advance
  27. Make Sure You Are Able to Forgive Quickly
  28. Make Sure All Band Members Have Spare Reeds, Strings, Sticks, Etc…
  29. Make Sure The Person Following Up on Promoter is also Promoting
  30. Make Sure You Relax, Smile and Enjoy Each Moment. The Next Gig is Nigh…
  31. ______________________________________________________   
  32. ______________________________________________________ 

I’d Be Really Happy if You Fill Out The Final Two!

SounDoctrine is at Night Town Cleveland on March 25th – Great Jazz on Good Friday!

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I’ve been listening to Earth, Wind & Fire for the last two weeks. I don’t know when I’ll stop…


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While sitting here in the service room of the Kia dealer who’s resetting the tire pressure on my Sorrento, I’ve just looked up to notice that out of the 12 of us, nine are on our phones. One of us is watching the Big Screen on the wall, one is glancing at a magazine and the other, wait…she just reached for her phone too and is making a call; or checking her messages.

Although I spoke a “good morning” to the gentleman I had to cross over to reach the empty chair, everyone is separated, individualized and engaged in their own world.

Including me! I mean I am write now blogging about it!

I can remember going to the doctors with my mother as a small child. And Mom, God Bless her talked to literally everyone – but the waiting rooms were generally abuzz with conversation. Strangers engaged with each other, comrades if only for the 35 minute wait.

EntreMusicians are all about engagement! In any other context, I’d be the one initiating dialogue, networking and introducing my Music & Business. But, here I too sit, phone in hand, not wishing to disturb my neighbor or draw attention to myself, thankful my car is ready so I can leave.

I’d love to hear your analysis & comments. How do you typically act in similar situations?

I wasn’t listening to anything as I wrote this, concerned I’d annoy the guy next to me…

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Bill Cosby Sweater

This past Tuesday, I was feeling a little throwback and donned a Mid 80’s Multicolored Sweater with Dark Jeans & Brown Loafers- Showing My Age, You Dig?

Toward the end of a Particular Meeting I Attended, One of the Fellas commented on My Cool “Bill Cosby” Sweater and almost immediately we went into a subtext of what that statement means in 2016. No doubt, walking around in one of those financial investments (the sweater has held up 20+years), even five years ago, meant you honored a legacy of one such Black Man who persevered and represented the best of the American Dream personified. But Today?

Now I’m not going to get into any of the Drama that seems to play out in the court of public opinion. I’ve got my own, but choose to keep it as such. I was not there, so I don’t know – but I will say that being raised as the Only Son of a Single Mom with Two Sisters and the Only Husband of One Wife with Three Daughters, I am Always Against Any Mental, Emotional & Physical Abuse of Any Woman At Any Time for Any Reason. I also must confess like a lot of people, I am personally hurt. Bill was a Surrogate Uncle and in my lifetime, the face of Show Biz Morality.

But Mr. Cosby’s debacle has reinforced for me three things that remain true no matter who you are:

  1. What’s Done in the Dark, Will Surface to the Light. Even if it takes 50 years. So If You Mess Up, Fess Up Quick! Keep Accountability Partners who will help you see the Blind Spots and advise you before you drive off the cliff.
  2. The Only Way to Truly Protect Your Legacy is Daily Integrity. No matter how much $$ You Donate to Colleges and Causes. No Matter How Many Awards & Accolades You Garner, If Your Integrity Erodes Over Time, Even Your Beneficiaries will Flee and Your Friends will Run for Cover.
  3. Finish STRONG! At 78 Years Old Mr. Cosby is in that season of his life where as he considers his Life & Career, it doesn’t include facing Judges and being on the front cover of Gossip Columns at Supermarket Checkouts.


Brothers & Sisters, Introducing the 20+ Year Old Jere B Sweater! 


I was listening to The Ohio Players “Angel” Album on Vinyl while writing this.