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A Musician’s Thanksgiving

For the ability to play an instrument

For the opportunity to invoke and inspire

For the joy of giving and receiving 


For the wonder of dreaming

For the gift of expression

For anticipation…


For the adventure of imagination

For the ocean of passion

For perspective


For the security of friends and family

For the warmth of laughter

For children


For the cycle of losing and finding again

For the arc of expectation

For the various journey of the mind in song

For the sacredness of soul, spirit and never being satisfied with status quo

For Love and Everything Love Means…


Lord, Thank You for Creating Me a Musician

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Talkin It Out!

One of the most profitable things an EntreMusician can do, especially if she is the band leader is to hold regular meetings with her group. When embarking on a new recording project, every pertinent item should be discussed on the front end – outside of the recording studio – with no instruments in hand, so there are no emotional attachments.

If the bandleader is also the guy running the indie label, then you have to come correct, show transparency and reveal exactly what will happen before it does. Discuss collaboration, the agreements that will need to be signed and how royalties, if applicable, will be dispersed.

The four major topics of discussion include:

PRODUCTION: Who will actually Produce the Project? Is it a Collaborative Effort? Who has Final Say on a Song’s Arrangement? Who’s Paying for the Project? Picking the Studio(s)? Setting Rehearsal/Recording Times? Hiring Extra Musician/Vocalists? Paying Them? Construct The Flow from Conception to Manufacture to iTunes and then Pick the Person who will Oversee the Entire Project.

SONGWRITING: Are there One or More Writers in the Band? How will Song Collaboration Be Split? It gets confusing in the middle of the groove when you’re jamming and everyone is contributing to the main idea. Everyone should talk about it and then be fearless – Write the information down on a Collaboration Agreement – Sign It! – Don’t wait till you’re filing copyright online and an argument ensues. Do It Now!

PUBLISHING: How is this animal split? If you’re self publishing, with multiple interests among the group of writers, do as stated above: TALK, WRITE & SIGN the document. File Appropriately. Then Make Assignments so everyone is involved with the proper exploitation of the song.

ROYALTIES: How will the CD Sales be split, if at all? Does the One who shelled out the big bucks get reimbursed first? She Should – but she should also keep detailed records as to her expenses so that disbursement of funds begin once ground zero is attained. And it’s always better to talk in Dollars and Cents rather than percentages here – Ex. “We each receive $1.00 each from a $10 sale – $5.00 goes in the bank until we reach 2000 sales then we split $1.50 each” – whatever – just keep it simple, plain and in writing.

The Point is – being very direct and clear on the front end of a project will help you make better music together once you hit the studio and the street!

I’d love to hear from you if I have forgotten something or perhaps what your band has done before approaching big projects.Hit Me Up!

Oh Wow! This is my third post in a row where I wasn’t listening to music as I wrote…something must be wrong with me!

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At The CORE!

In my two previous postings, I’ve shared foundational resources which have helped shape my perspective in music and business (interchangeably). To put a cap on this ‘so called’ series, I wanted to open up to you a sampling of additional multimedia which have help shape me.

As you are well aware, I am a Man of Faith, a Follower of Jesus Christ. I am not one who shuns or abuses anyone for having a different belief system than I do. As I pastor, I am always open to discuss why I believe what I do and to really listen to others express their perspective as well. I feel conversation, not condemnation leads to true understanding and will stop a lot of the nonsense we watch unfold daily…

However, the purpose of this blog is not for me to sermonize, but to offer a few spiritual resources, that, if you are so inclined, will help steady the You within You. This is by no means an exhaustive list and there are plenty of others books which could’ve easily been included, but these few have helped me tremendously in my journey.

The Bible – Duh! Where else did you think I would begin? However in all seriousness, as a child & teenager, my Mom and my church stressed the importance of reading this book, which I felt then was totally irrelevant, complex and BORING! And for years – well into my adult life, I would pick it up and pick at it and put it back down. But when I truly began to follow Jesus, from my heart, without parental or church influence, I started to really dig in and my life has not been the same.

If you are not a Christ follower, I would recommend reading the Bible anyway. The Books of Genesis, Esther, Proverbs, the Gospel of John, Luke and the letter to the Hebrews hold significant keys as to how God reveals Himself to mankind and may cause you to ask deeper questions. And ALL Questions are good for the EntreMusician!

Howard Hendricks‘ “Living By The Book” is an excellent companion if you desire to do an in depth study of the Bible. It helps you navigate through customs, language and genre and provides wonderful insights on how to make the most of your reading and ultimately, implementing its teachings.

Prayers that Avail Much” is a collection of prayers based directly on scripture. At the core, prayer is nothing more than talking with and to God (providing you believe He exists). But the most impacting prayers, in my opinion, are formed out of what He has already said, promises and has fulfilled in the lives of others. As we become more aware of what His word confirms, our faith solidifies and we are better able to face life with confidence. This is an excellent resource that you will often return to.

In Pursuit of Purpose” by Dr. Myles Munroe and his “Potential” series were given to me by Lori when we were dating. I had to marry her! Myles has a way of cutting through the clutter and getting right to the heart of the matter with precision and clarity. If his name is on the cover, chances are it’s on my bookshelf. Heavy Duty Material!

Dreaming With God” by Bill Johnson is one I feel every EntreMusician needs to explore and digest. This book has a way of weaving itself into our creative zone and provides a glimpse into how The Almighty created us and wants to unfold His dream in us. I must admit, I had always felt these concepts were hidden deep within my spirit, but this courageous book not only confirms my original notions, it causes me to probe deeper. By the way, if you’re prone toward digesting unconventional thinking, pick up any Bill Johnson book. Next on my ‘to do’ reading list is his “When Heaven Invades Earth.”

Andy Stanley‘s “Visioneering” is equally important. Especially if you’re beginning a new album project, planning a tour or building that new interactive website. Viewing your artistry with the level of biblical prowess Andy provides, affords you a great opp to view your work from God’s vantage point!

Finally, I’ll conclude with William Paul Young‘s “The Shack” which I am still reading. My wife, daughters and most everyone I know have read it and it only took them two days each! I keep returning for small bites, because his concepts are so cool to me, I find myself re-reading passages just to make sure I got it down – like an exceptional melody!

As Always, feel free to share the books that have most impacted you here on this blog. I am always looking to expand my repertoire!

I was not listening to any music during the typing of this post, but I’m about to turn on some Pat Metheny as I upload this!

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