Monthly Archives: November 2015

NO Thanks??

Firstly, It’s Gooood to be Back on the Blog after a longer than (un)planned hiatus. The New SounDoctrine CD “Source” is completely available at an E-tailer near you – except Spotify & Pandora for obvious Intelli-EntreMusician reasons. 

Also in the interim, I began a Sunday Jazz Radio Show on 94.7 FM “The Star” in Youngstown, invited by my cronies Darryl Alexander & Jeff Green from 4 to 7 pm. If You’re in the Youngstown/Warren Ohio area, tune in!

Additionally, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel south to visit family on my mother’s side I had never met, including a first cousin only 11 months my senior with so many similarities, it was eerie! 

So many great things to be thankful for – and precisely the reason I am returning to the iPad on this note.

It seems this has been a year with very minimal focus on the Holiday of Thanksgiving. As I am writing in the corner of this cafe, Christmas music is blaring over the system with intermittent commercials about Black Friday, but there has been zero media on the day set aside for reflection and truly giving thanks.

Needless to say, there have been many, plenty episodes of unfortunate attacks on foreign soil and in our supposed land of the free. People to our left and right appear to have nor show love, respect or regard to their fellowman and each of us could do more to express patience and forgiveness. but to totally disregard  the true spirit of Thanksgiving, Family and Togetherness is a little unnerving. 

Now one of my cousins, who meticulously shared our own family history which contains over 60% of Native American blood, expressed his own concerns of why we should NOT be celebrating the atrocities committed against our people, while true, does not negate the spirit of gratefulness for all of the blessings I / We have personally experienced, even amidst the misfortunes which have occurred.

Here is one very grateful man, truly thankful to God, My Family & My Friends for all you are, have done and truly mean to me.