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The Gift

For a child is born to us, a son is given to us.
The government will rest on his shoulders. And he will be called:
Wonderful Counselor,Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
His government and its peace will never end. He will rule with fairness and justice from the throne of his ancestor David for all eternity. The passionate commitment of the LORD of Heaven’s Armies will make this happen

This passage from Isaiah 9:6-7 was written thousands of years before that blessed day when The Messiah was born to the virgin, Mary. Centuries later we still celebrate with joy His birth, death, resurrection, ascension and present authority in all heaven and earth.

He Is Lord and one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess to the truth of His sovereign reign and absolute power of His Name.

Oh Come Let Us Adore Him…

Christ The Lord!

Merry Christmas!

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Appreciate The Journey

A few weeks ago it was necessary for me to transfer all of my earlier work onto new hard drives, most of which were on old 8 track cassette tapes via the (still wonderful) Tascam 688. Due to the lot of them being mislabeled and/or having more than one tune per cartridge, I needed to listen to most before hitting the ‘enter’ button.

Now I should remind you that my personality is one that is always looking forward. Being that I am not yet at the level of success I aspire to be (although truly grateful for my current blessings), I tend to push & push but very rarely reflect. So being in a situation where I was going back some 26 years began in frustration, but soon became a most revealing and rewarding experience.

Firstly, it was pleasant to observe the maturity in my writing and production skills, although I was equally amused that I could identify all the old gear I’d gone through. The DX7 patches, the Junos, the 808 beats and other sounds brought smiles and laughter. I realized that I had been a part of some very good projects and had worked with some incredible talent, many of whom have gone on to do far more than we’d imagined then and others whose choices have led them down darker paths and sadly, some who are no longer with us – but there we were, in the moment – and you can hear & feel the magic!

I surmised during this pensive process that I should not be so driven toward my future endeavors that I ignore, or devalue the experiences which have led to my current reality. I have accomplished. I have achieved. I have participated and I have made a contribution.

You have too! Perhaps you are not where you believe you can or should be. Maybe you are discouraged that you have not yet reached the goals or destination you aim toward. I encourage you – take the opportunity to pause and playback each of those moments in your life and career which have shaped and molded you to be the person, the leader, husband, wife, father, mother, sister, brother, friend, pastor, EntreMusician you are and gratefully appreciate the journey you presently travel.

If you are indeed on the right road, you’ll get there. Make the trip an exciting one!

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Fans, Followers & Friends

This Morning, I awoke to the notices that I had 216 invites awaiting my “approval” on my LinkedIn Account. I had a few extra minutes, so I immediately played God, quickly surfing through those whom I would choose based upon their musicianship, business experience or if I liked their picture or not (if they had even posted one!)

Just as instantly, I placed myself in their shoes, recounting how many similar mornings, I arose to find myself ‘accepted’ by someone halfway across the globe and the feigned glee I felt although our paths would probably never cross.

I scurried over to my Facebook Wall and briefly reveled in the fact that I have 4,886 “Friends,” 628 “Followers and 1,850 “Fans” ‘like‘ our SounDoctrine page! I really don’t know how many LinkedIn Associates I have, but there are far more than 500+ and every three days or so the company asks me to try out the Premium Account, since I’m such a High Roller. I can boast similar numbers on my Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest pages that scale according to the limited time I spend on them. Even though I utilize Hootsuite to blast all my posts, the time it takes to manage all of these communities is extremely finite…and let’s not even touch my enormous email lists!

Herein lies the point: The Reality as an EntreMusician is that a vast majority of these people don’t support our music, our businesses and/or lifestyle. Nor do we theirs, if we are honest. As the coming year approaches, we need to do serious inventory on the definition of True Fans, Followers & Friends whom we can forthrightly engage in meaningful networking that creates True Win-Wins for both parties.

With that said and since I started this diatribe, let the purging begin with me.

I’d like to hear your thoughts here. A Real Conversation on how you navigate your Social Media and what steps you have taken to engage those who follow and friend you.

I am editing and adding drums to the song “Absolute Truth” by SounDoctrine for our upcoming “Source” album as I stopped to write this…

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Here’s a Question:

What’s the Difference between an Aroma and an Odor?

They both possess predominate properties which stimulate the olfactory organ. They both command our attention and contain the ability to captivate our senses. They both stir an immediate impression.

Yet, one is inviting and pleasant with holistic, nurturing attributes which refine you. The other is repulsive, rude and offensive. One can rub off on you and leave you basking in joyful euphoria for the rest of the day. The other may cause you to involuntarily retreat, gag and/or hold your nose while frantically seeking oxygen.

The ironic thing about an offending odor, however, is that once your sense of smell gets use to the stench, overtime it ceases to irritate and upset you. In fact, the more you are exposed to it, the less the once obnoxious fetor overwhelms your sensory glands. Your eyes no longer water, your gag reflex no longer triggers and although many people begin avoiding you or your home, you think everything smells fine.

So here’s another question:

What’s the Difference between a Good Song and a Bad One?

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