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The Practical Power of Promptness

Time is our most important commodity. We can always make more money, more friends, buy new toys and although we can’t replace certain family members, we can always deepen our relationship with them. But, we can Never, Ever Replace Time. Another Second Just Ticked By…

One attribute that must remain top priority in the life of an EntreMusician is our indisputable ability to ALWAYS be prompt. Be it a Gig, Rehearsal, Meeting or even a recreational activity, our absolute commitment to being On Time will overshadow our musical prowess each and every time. The reputation we develop for lateness will erode any star power we may have accrued. Promoters, Venue Owners, Booking Agents and other Execs will soon write us off and immediately call someone else, even of lesser talent.

Nothing else screams UNPROFESSIONAL as loudly as lateness…consistent lateness has been a major factors in band breakups, deals going south and unproductive careers. EMs may need assistance in other aspects of our careers, but we are completely responsible for showing up on time. In today’s world, traffic, car breakdowns or even babysitting issues with our own children are extremely poor excuses for keeping appointments. Yes, there are times when the train completely derails, but if we’ve earned a high reputation for promptness, even those we are meeting with for the first time will know and understand that something went terribly wrong!

Being Prompt means and says:

I Care. I’m Vested. I Value Your Time. I’m the Right Person for this Project. I’m Dependable. I’m Accountable. I Honor You. You Matter to Me & My Company and so many other accolades. Fill Yours In Here ___________________.

No less than Ice Cube has been credited with the following quote, “If you can’t be On Time, Be Early!”

Being Early is the glistening cornerstone for the best EMs. We know that showing up even an hour or more earlier than scheduled can reap unforeseen benefits that were never factored into the initial equation.

For example, having an opportunity to have an in depth dialogue with the receptionist can work wonders as you wait. By the way, if you ever blow off or are rude to any receptionist, you are not a true EntreMusician and shouldn’t even be reading this blog. They are the true gatekeepers to your destiny!

Another example and one I have personally realized are the opportunities to speak with the person coming out of the exec’s office I am scheduled to meet with. On some occasions, I’ve had the ability to meet and collaborate with that person which bore more fruit than the meeting I showed up for. I was also able to get a feel for the exec’s mood, learn what the other guy said or did that I should or should not say or do – and being a person of faith, I have found far more spiritual advantages for Being Early than walking in five minutes before time.

I trust this piece of advice helps you to sharpen the biggest tool in your belt. If you master the Practical Power of Promptness and develop the potential to Be Early, you will be literally light years ahead of your contemporaries, leaving you more time to work on your artistry.

I am listening to “The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein” as I finish this, but Dave Holland’s Quintet just went off.

Oh and just a word of thanks to everyone who has downloaded and left wonderful comments about our new digital single, “Selah” featuring the wonderful talents of Sheldon Grayson and Jeremy De Jesus. Many thanks to all of the Online Stations airing the tune.

Here is the link-

I would love to know your thoughts.l

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Monday Night I sat mesmerized with millions of Americans, paying homage to the genius of Stevie Wonder whose music has been the soundtrack of our lives for the past 40+ years. You don’t have to look deep into a SounDoctrine track to realize how personally my artistry has been influenced by his innervisions.

Although I got into the show about 20 minutes lates, right smack dab in the middle of Lady Gaga’s rousing performance of “I Wish,” I posed a question to myself concerning this man I’ve grown to love like a favorite uncle. If you were to dissect Steveland Morris into various components of his muse, what, for me, would be the most compelling?

Right off, he IS the total package. But which attribute wins me over first and foremost?

Is it his multidimensional musicianship?
His hypnotic voice?
His profound production and/or forward thinking technology applications coupled with his humanitarianism and completely selfless spirit?

As I pondered the many great voices from Jill Scott to Andrea Bocelli to the outstanding Tony Bennett to the myriad of musicians who adorned the platform, not least of all, musical director Greg Phillinganes, I wondered, what is this One Thing about Stevie that unites all of these exceptional stars?

I concluded: It’s All About The Songs

Always has been. Always Will Be. Always Should Be.

Musicianship, Showmanship, Vocal Talent, Production Skills, Arranging, Dance Routines, Million Dollar Light Shows and Superior Sound do play their parts, but each element must bow down – all the way down – to the raw emotions, contemplations and motivations prompted by a great song.

If Stevie were to somehow lose, or were not as proficient in any of the aforementioned talents, his songwriting has set him further apart from any of his contemporaries in the last four decades than anyone and his legacy will cast him as the Bach of the next few hundred years to come.

This is why we celebrate his genius.

This is why true EMs must make writing great songs a priority above all else…

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ALL FEEDBACK That Critiques Your Work, be it thrilling, outstanding, honoring or insulting and insane will only improve you as a person and your output as an EntreMusician!

Since the wee hours of the morning, our team has been test marketing the new SounDoctrine Single, “Selah.” Not with any mass email blasts, mind you, but true ‘One on One’ old school queries, seeking honest to goodness transparency and boy is it coming in! I had to pause briefly to do this post before heading back.

We made certain that we responded as immediately as we could to every participant, answering questions, talking about the song, it’s availability, the guest musicians, everything!

This is important because this particular song is quite the departure from SounDoctrine’s main direction. While the band loves to experiment with different sounds, earning a reputation for “Originalternativefunkjazzfusion!” this time we stood on the edge of the cliff on tip toes!!

So it was necessary to make sure we were not alienating core SD fans in the process of wooing new ones.

We’ve had all kinds of responses from all kinds of different audiences. What’s most important is what we are being taught about ourselves as we respond. Both as Human Beings and Artists…

Shall we defend ourselves against the “idiot” who just doesn’t get it?
Is she being way too kind because the flute is her favorite instrument?
Did he even listen to the lyrics?

Well, we just scored another 20 downloads in the last hour, so who needs you, Bub?

Emphatically NO.

We have appreciated each single comment and are grateful for each & every person who took the 5 Minutes and 29 precious seconds out of their day to consider giving us their unbiased, unsolicited opinion.

Selah” was fun and exciting to produce. It features newcomer Sheldon Grayson on Vocals & the wonderful Jeremy De Jesus on flutes.

We don’t want you to miss out on getting in your 2 Cents, so Here is the link-

Post Your Comments Here on our SounDoctrine FB page!
We would love to know your thoughts.

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