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Don’t Just Make Music…

Start a Radical Movement

Create a Brand New Genre

Protest Unfair Government & Corporate Practices


Compose the Next Timeless Ballad

Write the New Anthem for World Peace

Encourage the Hopeless, Helpless and Homeless

Expose Evil


Shout for Justice, Freedom & Equality

Cross Cultural Boundaries

Sing Out for Love…Again

Build Colaborative Platforms


Represent the Unrepresented

Cultivate Community

Show Us All The Way

Don’t Just Make Music…Make a Difference

I was listening to Roy Hargrove’s “Moment to Moment” with Strings as I wrote this.

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The BE Attitudes of The EntreMusician

Never Let Anyone Tell You that ‘That Ain’t The Sound Everyone is Into‘ and Move on to Something Else; Stay True to that Sound in Your Heart.

Never Let the Engineer have the Final Say on Your Mix; Stay True to that Sound in Your Head.

Always Look Out for Another EntreMusician, even if it means their advance over your own; it will ALWAYS Come Back Around.

Always Maintain Intrgrity, Courtesy and Respect toward those who don’t show the same toward you; one day they may have to return to your doorstep.

Never Forget to Immediately Say Thank You and then Follow Up again in Two Weeks with Another Note of Gratitude; You will Always Be Remembered.

Always Remember to Forget when Someone has forgotten to Thank You; You will Never Regret It.

Never Procrastinate

Always Experiment

Admit You Are Wrong When You Are Wrong

Forgive Quicky & Completely When You Are Wronged




Maintain Your Priorities

Never Compare, Compete or Criticize; Be Content with Your Gifts and Develop Your Potential

Avoid Revenge

Find Your Niche and Market It Effectively


Remain Inspired

Never Pursue Money, Glory & Success over Faith, Family & Friends; the latter ROI will Reap Tremendous Blessings

Always Seek New Opportunities; Your Genius is Destined to Soar

Never Forget Where You Came From; You Will More than likely be Buried There.

…feel free to add to this list on my FB page…

I was listening to Stevie’s “Fulfillingness’ First Finale” before writing this.

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Building Better Bridges

This morning I had the distinct pleasure of spending 51 minutes with Michelle Pierce-Schmader in her Boardman Ohio office at New York Life. We were not discussing Life Insurance policies or annuities, we were continuing a conversation which began on LinkedIn and began cementing networking options the other needed for our various business advantages. Ultimately, we celebrated an opportunity to meet a person of genuine interests, faith and likemindedness.

Last week our team began a marketing campaign with author Gregory S. Trent of Southern California, whose book, “Selah, Things My Dad said that Made Me Rich” just happened to mirror the title of my band SounDoctrine’s latest single, ‘Selah.’ We discovered his recent work through Facebook and through a mutual friend learned that Gregory is an Ohio native who grew up in my area, so we set the campaign in motion. Now you can purchase this wonderful book and download the single for FREE!

In the past several weeks I have been able to converse with LA Producer Joseph Love, dialogue with Relationship Expert & Author, Johanna Sparrow, engage jazz radio hosts Woodrow Johnson II and Michael Lyles, connect novice Tina M. Williams with a few musician/vocalist friends in Atlanta and discover the music and mind of Educator & Flautist Andrea Brachfield.

Toward the beginning of the month, I was interviewed by fellow EntreMusician Stephen M Lee for his e-magazine,  “In Concert” and at the end of the month, we will be releasing our third single from our upcoming project, ‘Source‘, featuring guitarist Eric Tyus, whom I have never been in the same room with, although we’ve Skyped, Face Timed, Text’d and talked a hundred and twelve times. The record is done and ready for the world!

Lastly, I utilized a brand new service for the very first time to license a cover song we will soon be selling. It’s called “Easy Song Licensing,” a subsidiary of Discmakers and it’s very certain they will soon begin wresting power away from stalwart Harry Fox whose been the gatekeeper for ages. I found their platform Easy (pun, yes) to use and to understand. Most importantly, all of my questions were answered promptly and accurately.

I note these instances, not because Social Media and other Technology seamlessly connects our world so efficiently. That is extremely old news. My purpose is to remind EMs to intentionally and courageously build toward PEOPLE. To not invest in the benefits of real, meaningful collaboratives because of fear, selfishness and/or naivete is denying yourself the privilege to succeed in this industry, where you must simultaneously be the architect, civil engineer and construction worker! 

EntreMusicians envision and create our Artistry brick by brick, bonding mortar with others who share similar dreams, aiding them in accomplishing their objectives as they help us pave our own paths. Reaching Out to Help bridges Reciprocation & Hope!

Hopefully you’ll take the hint and check out these links so you can build your own bridges to these great people!

I was listening to Chaka Khan, Stevie, Cameo & George Duke during the construction of this post! 

A Very Funky Day!

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