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Tonite 7p We Begin a 4 week Series in Ep

Tonite 7p We Begin a 4 week Series in Ephesians utilizing Hermeneutics. VCC Coitsvile 3899 McCartney Rd. Free of Charge. All Invited!


Taking The Tiger Out of Taxes

By this time, most of America has made significant payments to the college education funds of children belonging to certain CPAs and other Tax Preparers. Some of us have already blown through our returns, others are crying because we won’t receive one, or angry at the amount we must pay or are calculating just how many cheeseburgers we can buy with the few bucks Uncle Sam will bestow on us. 

I could easily segue into a rant of how much taxes bite and my personal views on what “we oughta do” about the tyrannical, corrupt government who constantly invent new ways to keep their hands in our pockets. But I won’t do that. Today.

For The EntreMusician, understanding the nature of taxes and meticulous record keeping help reduce their bites to mere barks. Since I already hear the yawns beginning to start, including my own, I assure you this is not an in depth analysis, but 3 quick tips on how You should think about Saving Taxes for the year ahead.

1) It’s Very Important to have a knowledgeable, experienced tax preparer – who understand the nature of musicians and this industry on Your team. This person doesn’t have to be a CPA, but they must know ALL of the angles of the expenses of an EntreMusician and the various forms of income derived from Your work.

At the outset, this can be a Very Expensive Partnership. But You should prepare to enter into it, so that by playing Sam’s game of itemizing every single thing you are allowed to, from equipment purchases & rentals to vehicle repairs & fueling for touring, to recording sessions to paying band members (yes paying them) to burrito lunches to just about every other thing associated with Your career, You save plenty pennies in the long run. Make sure this person knows these things and get excellent references before hiring them.

2) Establish Your Artistry as a Business. Kill the Sole-Proprietorship Mentality Today. Especially if you are a Single Artist. While this has far more legal ramifications, forming a corporate entity better insulates you from paying certain taxes and in most cases, separates your personal assets from your professional liabilities.

3) Give Your Band Members – or any other entities You’ve hired for Professional Services the correct tax documentation. For example, in the State of Ohio, if I paid Katie Jones more than $600 in a given year for playing the kazoo in my band, I give her a 1099 at the end of the year for her to file as an independent contractor and not as an employee of my company. Your state may differ. Check it out and follow the rules.

There are a myriad of other tips I could add and I may drop another from time to time, but I’d rather be writing songs! The point is, The EntreMusician does not have to suffer the ‘ouches’ of the IRS, if he/she begins to put a system in place for making sure the proper documentation is covered. I wish you a pain free career!

I didn’t listen to any music while writing this post. You can imagine why!

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The Madness in The Method

Do You Know How Much Discipline it takes to Think Outside of The Box?

Or, The Energy Needed to Focus on Following Your Own Path?

Have You Ever Considered the Science of Studying the Rules to Know Exactly Where & When to Bend & Break Them?


The EntreMusician Knows.


There’s A Special Blend of Shrewdness Necessary. Without Deceit. Without Manipulation. And the Absolute Maintenance of Integrity. You Create a Sphere Where Nobody Get’s Hurt, Nobody Loses, But You Win The Prize.

You Refuse to be Denied. You Eat Rejections for Breakfast, Grab Seconds and Stay Up Late Dissecting All of the Angles. Once the Riddle is Solved, You Don’t Pounce, You Never Rush In. You Walk. Your Script, Your Song, Your Sound. Your Story. Ready Or Not, Your Time Has Arrived.


The EntreMusician Shows

Soon Enough, Everyone who is Supposed to be is Dancing while Others are Scrambling to Imitate. But as the Copycatters are Zeroxing Your Grooves, You’ve Left For the Studio to Make More. Different. Abhorrent Even. Why Not? Leaner & Stronger You Dig In Again, Refusing to be Ignored, but Polite During The Process, You Set The Example. Again.

There’s Always Time to Teach, Train & Mentor and You Take It. You Share The Gift You’ve been Given. You Guard it, but You’re Not Beholden To It. You Don’t Own It.


The EntreMusician Goes.

You’re Never Completely Comfortable or Satisfied. The Status Quo is for Those Who Created It. YOU Are Called to A Defining Destiny. A Place You Don’t Completely Understand, but Continually Seek. A Refuge for Pioneers. A Temporary Dwelling, A Turning Point to A New Transformation and then On to Another…

This Is The Madness. But It’s Calculated and Your Cool With It. Who Needs to Understand? It Just IS.

Carry On.


I wasn’t listening to anything as I wrote this, but I have been re-editing a tune from about 20 years ago, for the 400th time. Maybe this time, I’ll release it… 

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