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When to Walk Away

EntreMusicians are typically Men & Women with an Extraordinary Amount of “StickToITiveNess” & Follow Through, not wishing any Projects we begin fall short of our anticipated goals.

I, for one, highly regard my Integrity as the cornerstone of all I am. My Word is Sacred, so when I put it out there, I never want it to return void (Just like My Lord’s).

Yet within the past couple of months, I’ve learned a Few Lessons I felt I should pass along. Lessons, which have allowed me to re-examine my Commitment to Projects in light of the Actions of Others and how to navigate true “win-wins” and ultimately Walk Away when the situation warrants it, Integrity Intact.

The first instance involves a Weekly Radio Show I became a part of prior to Thanksgiving. Initiated by a friend with the Station’s Owner, I was to be One of Three Co-Hosts. Not wanting to be bogged down with the logistics, I agreed to let My Friend Negotiate All Specifics with the Owner, even when I felt early on that things did not ‘feel‘ right.

Two Weeks moved into Two & Three Months, with my involvement increasing from Co-Host to Editing the Show, an involved process. Obviously wishing it to be the best, I advanced to Co-Producing what eventually became a very successful program which rank #2 in our market after just five months. Unfortunately, there had been Zero Compensation during that time and Conversations between My Friend and the Station’s Owner revealed a rapidly moving goal post with Zero Stability in sight.

The Ultimate Issue became whether My Friend had negotiated properly or if the Station Owner and/or the Station’s Management were either inept or malicious. I did not have another five months to invest in how this all would affect My Time, My Purpose and My Pockets! So after a final ultimatum which proved no real advantages, I Walked Away. Eventually My Friend and the Other Co-Host Walked As Well.

The Lesson I Learned was Threefold:

a) If Any Project is Worth My Involvement in the Least, It’s Worth My Attention in Every Detail.

b) I Am to Blame for Allowing My Friend to Negotiate Anything on My Behalf, No Matter How Well Meaning He Was.

c) I Should have asked for a Written Agreement with a Specified Compensation Package. And I Knew Better…

If You Should Find Yourself in Similar Territory, Consider Walking Away.


I’ll Reveal the Second Instance Next Week.


Interestingly Enough, I’m Still Listening to Andreas Vollenweider as I write this, But I was listening to Bob James’ “Hands Down” earlier….yes, each on vinyl.

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One of the most Deceiving Characteristics lurking beneath the Soul of any Creative is the illusion that because He or She is gifted with Extraordinary and even Supernatural Skills, is that they will become Successful on their Talents alone.

Nothing is further from the Truth and it’s often nauseating to watch that tiny demon grow into a raging monster until the Extremely Anointed Artist/Singer/Musician either Wakes Up to the New Reality or Self Destructs. We’ve seen many illustrations of both.

The EntreMusician is only as strong as Their Trusted Team, without whom Nothing Important is Accomplished. The best advice is to surround yourself with people who know far more than you do about Finances, Legal Matters, Marketing, Promotion and Business Management. This Frees You to Explore & Exercise the Art you’ve been entrusted to Steward and Share with the World.

Don’t Be Proud and Stupid!

Yell, Scream and Seek Out HELP!!!!

I was listening to Andreas Vollenweider on vinyl while creating this post.