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3 Key Moves to Advance Your Life

Incremental Growth should be the Motivation of Every EntreMusician. At the Forefront of Advancing Our Careers, Creativity, Musicianship & Art must be the Persistent Improvement of Our Lives. Continual Habits like Prayer, Mantras, Devotions and/or Meditation are Vital to Cleansing the Spiritual Self to Prepare Us for Our Day, Week or Projects, but it’s Equally Important to Remember that What We Do for Others contain holistic benefits that create remarkable synergy in our larger context.
Overtime, I Have Learned Three Principal Moves I Now Employ Daily to Advance My Life.
1) Engage.
We Live in World Where Engagement is defined as trading Brownie Recipes with a Facebook Friend from Sweden while ignoring the person sitting next to us on our Bus, Uber or other Mass Transit Commute. We Almost Never Speak to Others on Elevators, Preferring to Stare at the Floor below or Numbers above. TV Shows & Magazines we’d never view at home suddenly become more interesting than talking to the Totally Tattooed Girl in the Dentist’s Waiting Room. Unfortunately, Families the World Over Prefer their Phones to Genuine, Transparent Face Time with Each Other.
Be The One who Breaks the Mold. Create and a Entirely New Social Media. TALK To Someone. Extend Your Hand. Smile! Make Eye Contact. Seek Out Someone who doesn’t Look, Smell, Act or Think Like You! Agree to Disagree if it should come to that, but at least Try to See Life from Someone’s Else’s Perspective even if You Choose Not to Adopt It!
2) Encourage.
We All Know Someone who Needs Encouragement. An easy way to prove this is to Check & See if that Person is Breathing! If they are, Affirm Them! Give a Compliment. Notice Something About Someone and Verbally Admire that Characteristic or Trait. Go to Someone who has expressed Self Esteem Deficiencies in their Non Verbal Communication and Weigh Them Down with Confidence and Inspiration. Befriend the Friendless and Help Bear the Load of the Distressed. In Time, the Entire Organization, Situation & Atmosphere is Strong & Electric with Motivation.
To Quote the late Maya Angelou, ” People Will Forget What You Said, People will Forget what you did but People will Never Forget how You Made Them Feel.”
3) Empower.
To Equip & Commission Another is a Selfless Power that Ignites a Life & Changes Destinies. Sincerely Entrusting Another with Important, Sensitive Work Creates Character & Conviction. Empowerment is More Potent than Delegation. It’s Properly Training Someone to Fish, to Become Self Sufficient and Liberates Him/Her to Build Themselves. Empowerment is identical to Giving Your 15 Year Old Daughter the keys to the Car and Climbing into the Passenger Seat (something I’ve done three times now!) Being Nervous Without Showing it, Pressing Hard on the Imaginary Brake, while Impacting an Assertive Growth within them Transforms You Both! Empower Someone! Change a Life!
To Engage, Encourage & Empower is My Life’s Mission and Daily Intention.
It’s also the predominant goal of
Come Join Us!
I was Remembering the Fabulous Music of George Howard and Revisiting His Marvelous Debut, “Asphalt Gardens” on Vinyl while posting this blog. 
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Chase Away The Proverbial “They!”

crowdThey Say: “You’ll Never Make It in this Business” 

They Say: “You Need to Go to This School and have That Degree”

They Say: “Only 2% Succeed in Your Industry, So Don’t Bother”

They Say: “You Need The Right Connections”

They Say: “You Have to Dress Like This and Play Your Trumpet Like That or Forget It!” 

They Say: “No One Is Going to Appreciate Your Style of Music!”

They Say: “You Have No Right to Take That Position”

They Say: “You Don’t Deserve to Receive Those Accolades!”

They Say: “It Will Never Work!”

They Say: “Don’t Expect Much, So You Won’t Be Disappointed!”

Yes, They Say a lot of Discouraging, Mean & Nasty Things, often without trying to be Mean, Nasty or Discouraging.

Somehow They forget that the Celebrated Icons They Themselves Honor, Revere & Adore were Told the Very Same Things, Did Not Have the Right Connections, Money, Resources or Attend an Institution of Select Pedigree.

Icons are Pioneers whom Forge their Own Identities, Sounds, Art & Creativity onto the Global Landscape without Asking Permission or Seeking Solace in the Status Quo.

These Ambassadors of Innovation Shift the Platform of Public Paradigms into New Realities of Consciousness that Shape the Future and Transcend Life As We Currently Understand It.

With Constant Obstacle, Hurdles, Detours and Encumbrances at Every Level, Vanguards Chase Away the Proverbial They as These Climb Higher Toward Their Own Thrones, Created Just for Them.

Go and Do Likewise…

I Was Listening to YellowJackets “Shades” on Vinyl while composing this post.

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The Five Foundations of EntreMusicianal Efficiency

We’ve all heard this truth before: “A Failure to Plan is a Plan for Failure.” Progressing toward Maximum Effectiveness Requires our Working Smart as We Go Hard. Proficiency on the Front End of this EntreMusicianal Journey helps Curry Focus and Divert Us from Gigs, Relationships & Situations which either Distract or Completely Derail us. Yes, It took Me a Minute, but after Bumping My Head (HARD) Multiple Times, I Created Five Foundations to Stay Grounded and Air Bound Simultaneously. 

      1) Maintain an Ultra Tight Schedule.

This is Almost Laughable for Many Artists, Musicians & Creatives who Live Our Lives on the Constant Cuff of Inspiration and Spur of the Moment Occurrences. Often these Occasions Give Birth to Our Greatest Work and Collaborations. Although We Should Never Write these Blessed Moments Off, EntreMusicians Understand that TIME is The Only Commodity We Cannot Produce nor Reproduce, So We Must Protect It. Even as we Attempt to Manage It, if we are not Extremely Careful, Time Slips Away.

My Go To Tool is Michael Hyatt’s “My Ideal Week,” which has locked me into the regiment of ‘Giving Every Day a Name‘ and Living Out the Daily Theme with all of My Being! Knowing Where I Should Be, What I Need to Be Doing, With Whom & for How Long, has Helped Me Conquer the Fear of Saying “No” and Keeping The Main Thang Just That. Keep Your Ideal Week Always Before You on Multiple Devices and Never Deviate Unless God Himself Intervenes…then You’d Better Flex!

      2) Be Your Best YOU

Artists on the Grind Neglect Themselves the Most!

We Don’t Feed Our Spirits, Get Our Proper Rest, Exercise nor Eat Healthy (albeit too much!) Scheduling Time to Do Each of the Aforementioned Necessities MUST Not Be Ignored. The Work MUST & WILL Get Done, But Never at the Expense of Ruining the Only Body We’ve Been Given!

Additionally, We Tend to Neglect those Closest To Us! Many a Spouse, Parent or Child has Suffered the Loss of Our Presence. Broken Hearts, Bitterness & the Biting Sting of Rejection may make for a Great Lyric, but Living Beneath the Weight of such consequences may Create Scars that the Most Powerful Melodies Can’t Wash Away.

Be Proactive and Invest Quality, Uninterrupted Time with Your Significants. Especially If/When Your Career Appropriates a Place where You’re able to Give Expensive Gifts, They Will Never Replace Your Being With Them. Your Guitar Will Not Take Care of You, if You should become Too Ill to Play It! Nurture Relationship, Watch Love Grow!

      3) Create a Killer Team

These Select Individuals May or May Not Be Musicians, but Their Primary Duty is to Make Sure All Business is Handled with Excellence!

My Team Comprises Creative, Legal, Accounting & Technical.

The Optimal Situation is when the Entire Team Can Meet Together Every Other Month. The Total Vision, Purpose & Plan Can Be Discussed, Fleshed Out and Consistently Processed with Everyone Knowing their Roles & Assignments.

Less than Ideal, but still potent is Scheduling One on Ones with an Individual Team Member to Move the Needle Forward. In these Sessions, Spend Concentrated Time on Each Discipline, Zeroing in On the Mechanics Necessary to Complete the Project.

In Either Approach, It’s Essential to Maintain a Grip on the Overall Vision, Brand & Message. When Every Single Team Member is Clear about the Collective Expectations, their Execution will Reflect and Propel the Entire Ensemble Forward. Everyone Wins!

      4) DELEGATE

The Best Advice I Ever Heard (Although I Forget Where) is to ‘Work ON Your Business, Not IN It.’ While making this apply across the board to ALL Creatives is Counterproductive, EntreMusicians can utilize this technique in amazing ways.

Depending on the Structure of Your Band or Act, Commission Everyone (or at least those Willing) to Take On Extra Non Musical Duties. Someone Works closely with Sound & Lighting, Someone Else on Wardrobe, Choreography or Travel Arrangements, Booking, Gear Repair, Promotion or the Myriad of Other Responsibilities involved with keeping the Group Alive & Afloat.

At the very least, hire one of the guys/gals to be the MD. And make sure the rest of the band knows that they WILL Be Paid $$ more money because of their extra commitment. Having a legit Music Director will ensure that Rehearsals DON’T Become Practice Sessions, where the guys/gals spend (waste) time Learning & Practicing the Music in front of the Rest of the Band Members who’ve already done their Homework! The MD Preps & Sends the charts, works out difficult segues, runs the rehearsals and directs the performance. This Frees YOU to Do What You Do Best…Obviously, If this IS What You Do Best, Be Honest About What You Don’t Do Best and Delegate That!

      5) Be Only Where You Need to Be, Socially  

It’s Futile to Be On Absolutely Every Social Site. Especially if Your Fan Demographic is Not. Take Inventory of Where Your True Fans Are and Live There. While Your Personal Profile Posts help Followers Know More About You, When It’s Time to Talk Serious Music, Gigs, Releases or Merch, ALWAYS Point them to Your Band Page and Website for more Appropriate Engagement. Once They Land There, Make Sure You Engage Them!

When Necessary to Exist on Multiple Sites, Utilize Services Like Hootsuite or Others which let you Post to All At Once. Although FaceBook tends to stifle the visibility of such posts, Reschedule for maximum impact to ensure your message.

These Five Foundations Have Helped Me Gain Momentum & Get More Done! My Energy Level and Creativity are at Healthy Constants and My Wife & Family Love Me and Don’t Think I’m a Jerk (well there’s that one cousin..!) Overall, it’s a Balanced, Rewarding Life and I Hope These Five Foundations Help You. I Would Love To Know If You Have a Similar or Better List that Could Help Me & Others Who Read This. Feel Free to Share!

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I was listening to Hubert Laws, Earl Klugh, Stanley Jordan and Andreas Vollenweider, All On Vinyl while Composing this Post!