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4 “I’s” to Clarify Distinct Vision


EntreMusicians MUST See their Lives & Work Distinctly. A Keen Observation is Our Oxygen. In Most Cases, Looking Deeper, Further & Faster will Create Opportunities and Platforms Missed by Many of Our Contemporaries. I have often noted that having a great pair of eyes have both Closed and Opened the Right Doors. Viewing My Life & Career through these 4 “I’s” continue to propel me forward to each goal far more steadily than groping around in dimly lit circumstances on the way to the next gig…

1) Instinct

Everyone is Born with Instinct. Everyone Who Learns to Trust, Develop & Implement Instinct will Advance Multiple Times More Excellently than those who chose to disobey that Still Most Voice embedded in their spirits to guide them. Being a Man of Faith, I call this attribute, Discernment, empowering me by The Holy Spirit, who gives me wisdom to see what I would normally overlook. We talk ourselves out of favorable options constantly. You think, “I should ask So & So About…” and then immediately think, “No. She’s Way Out of My League,” or “He Wouldn’t Have Time for the Likes of Me…” when The Voice is “Like Dude! GO FOR IT!!!”

Instinct is that Drive that, once honed, sticks around and causes you to see Absolutely Everything as an Instance to Embrace or Avoid. You Learn to Say Yes & No Faster and Easier without Second & Third Guessing Yourself Every Time. Bishop T.D. Jakes has written a great book on “Instinct,” which I have yet to read, but is sitting on my bookshelf at the ready!

2) Integrity

The Foundation of All Trustworthiness & Reliability, Especially in the Music & Creative Space is founded within this “I.” Unfortunately Many, Plenty Extremely Talented Musicians Never Achieve the Height of their Potential, Due to their Lack of Integrity. When Your Word is Worthless, You Become Worthless. Your Musical Prowess (No Matter How Extraordinary) Will Never Allow You to Rise Beyond Your Character. Integrity is so Absolutely Essential to Everything theire is to Know About You and Me. Without it, Nothing Else Matters. Although I am No Robot, with my share of human flaws, I Intentionally Live Life in as a Man of Integrity and I Look For It In Others – Especially Fellow Musicians I am Hiring for a Project. Dependability Overshadows Playability by Twelve Miles.

3) Intention

Wanting to Do Anything and Actually Doing is as Far Apart as East is From West. Half of the Battle is Beginning. The Battle is Won with Intentionality, Endurance and Doing Whatever it Takes, As Long As It Takes to Complete the Mission. Regrettably, Excuses are Not Welcome in the War Rooms. Champions Train & Compete. Methods May Differ, But Unbridled Passion Brings Home the Gold. Living Life on Intention takes the EntreMusician from the Pipe Dream to the Palace Every Single Time.

4) Inspection

We’ve All Heard the Quote, “You Cannot Improve What You Do Not Measure” but few of us truly Measure Anything We Do. The Truth Is, We May Be Afraid to Look Back and Find that We Haven’t Quite Achieved What We Set Out To Accomplish, So We Just Plow Ahead,without stopping to ask ourselves “Why?” and then Looking for Solutions! Perhaps there is a Funding Issue, or You Need Assistance in a Particular Area. Utilize the “I’s” Above and Plow Ahead. Take the Necessary Steps to Evaluate Your Goals, Re-Evaluate Your ‘To-Do’ Lists and By All Means, ASK For the Help You Need. You’ll find that People Are FAr More Willing to Engage, Encourage & Empower those who can confidently Ask for what They Need while proving they possess the Instincts, Integrity and Intention to see the project to the end. Everyone of Equal Quality & Character wants to Wants to Invest in This Type of Person!

The Fifth “I”)  Influence

I Couldn’t Leave This One Out. The True Responsibility of Every EntreMusician is Not to Inspire, although that may play a role; but rather Influence.

Influence alters Perspective & Paradigms. It Shifts Destiny and Radiates in the Spirit Longer than mere Inspiration. It Should Be the Certain Goal of Every Song, CD Project, Performance and Career. You Have the Power to Change a Life. Within Your Spirit, Instrument and God Given Gift is housed the Supernatural Ability to Alter the Future Course of Humanity, for the Better & Brighter. Respect the Sacredness of Your Gift and Utilize Accordingly!

Much Love & Sympathy to the Family of Chuck Loeb 


The Five Foundations of EntreMusicianal Efficiency

We’ve all heard this truth before: “A Failure to Plan is a Plan for Failure.” Progressing toward Maximum Effectiveness Requires our Working Smart as We Go Hard. Proficiency on the Front End of this EntreMusicianal Journey helps Curry Focus and Divert Us from Gigs, Relationships & Situations which either Distract or Completely Derail us. Yes, It took Me a Minute, but after Bumping My Head (HARD) Multiple Times, I Created Five Foundations to Stay Grounded and Air Bound Simultaneously. 

      1) Maintain an Ultra Tight Schedule.

This is Almost Laughable for Many Artists, Musicians & Creatives who Live Our Lives on the Constant Cuff of Inspiration and Spur of the Moment Occurrences. Often these Occasions Give Birth to Our Greatest Work and Collaborations. Although We Should Never Write these Blessed Moments Off, EntreMusicians Understand that TIME is The Only Commodity We Cannot Produce nor Reproduce, So We Must Protect It. Even as we Attempt to Manage It, if we are not Extremely Careful, Time Slips Away.

My Go To Tool is Michael Hyatt’s “My Ideal Week,” which has locked me into the regiment of ‘Giving Every Day a Name‘ and Living Out the Daily Theme with all of My Being! Knowing Where I Should Be, What I Need to Be Doing, With Whom & for How Long, has Helped Me Conquer the Fear of Saying “No” and Keeping The Main Thang Just That. Keep Your Ideal Week Always Before You on Multiple Devices and Never Deviate Unless God Himself Intervenes…then You’d Better Flex!

      2) Be Your Best YOU

Artists on the Grind Neglect Themselves the Most!

We Don’t Feed Our Spirits, Get Our Proper Rest, Exercise nor Eat Healthy (albeit too much!) Scheduling Time to Do Each of the Aforementioned Necessities MUST Not Be Ignored. The Work MUST & WILL Get Done, But Never at the Expense of Ruining the Only Body We’ve Been Given!

Additionally, We Tend to Neglect those Closest To Us! Many a Spouse, Parent or Child has Suffered the Loss of Our Presence. Broken Hearts, Bitterness & the Biting Sting of Rejection may make for a Great Lyric, but Living Beneath the Weight of such consequences may Create Scars that the Most Powerful Melodies Can’t Wash Away.

Be Proactive and Invest Quality, Uninterrupted Time with Your Significants. Especially If/When Your Career Appropriates a Place where You’re able to Give Expensive Gifts, They Will Never Replace Your Being With Them. Your Guitar Will Not Take Care of You, if You should become Too Ill to Play It! Nurture Relationship, Watch Love Grow!

      3) Create a Killer Team

These Select Individuals May or May Not Be Musicians, but Their Primary Duty is to Make Sure All Business is Handled with Excellence!

My Team Comprises Creative, Legal, Accounting & Technical.

The Optimal Situation is when the Entire Team Can Meet Together Every Other Month. The Total Vision, Purpose & Plan Can Be Discussed, Fleshed Out and Consistently Processed with Everyone Knowing their Roles & Assignments.

Less than Ideal, but still potent is Scheduling One on Ones with an Individual Team Member to Move the Needle Forward. In these Sessions, Spend Concentrated Time on Each Discipline, Zeroing in On the Mechanics Necessary to Complete the Project.

In Either Approach, It’s Essential to Maintain a Grip on the Overall Vision, Brand & Message. When Every Single Team Member is Clear about the Collective Expectations, their Execution will Reflect and Propel the Entire Ensemble Forward. Everyone Wins!

      4) DELEGATE

The Best Advice I Ever Heard (Although I Forget Where) is to ‘Work ON Your Business, Not IN It.’ While making this apply across the board to ALL Creatives is Counterproductive, EntreMusicians can utilize this technique in amazing ways.

Depending on the Structure of Your Band or Act, Commission Everyone (or at least those Willing) to Take On Extra Non Musical Duties. Someone Works closely with Sound & Lighting, Someone Else on Wardrobe, Choreography or Travel Arrangements, Booking, Gear Repair, Promotion or the Myriad of Other Responsibilities involved with keeping the Group Alive & Afloat.

At the very least, hire one of the guys/gals to be the MD. And make sure the rest of the band knows that they WILL Be Paid $$ more money because of their extra commitment. Having a legit Music Director will ensure that Rehearsals DON’T Become Practice Sessions, where the guys/gals spend (waste) time Learning & Practicing the Music in front of the Rest of the Band Members who’ve already done their Homework! The MD Preps & Sends the charts, works out difficult segues, runs the rehearsals and directs the performance. This Frees YOU to Do What You Do Best…Obviously, If this IS What You Do Best, Be Honest About What You Don’t Do Best and Delegate That!

      5) Be Only Where You Need to Be, Socially  

It’s Futile to Be On Absolutely Every Social Site. Especially if Your Fan Demographic is Not. Take Inventory of Where Your True Fans Are and Live There. While Your Personal Profile Posts help Followers Know More About You, When It’s Time to Talk Serious Music, Gigs, Releases or Merch, ALWAYS Point them to Your Band Page and Website for more Appropriate Engagement. Once They Land There, Make Sure You Engage Them!

When Necessary to Exist on Multiple Sites, Utilize Services Like Hootsuite or Others which let you Post to All At Once. Although FaceBook tends to stifle the visibility of such posts, Reschedule for maximum impact to ensure your message.

These Five Foundations Have Helped Me Gain Momentum & Get More Done! My Energy Level and Creativity are at Healthy Constants and My Wife & Family Love Me and Don’t Think I’m a Jerk (well there’s that one cousin..!) Overall, it’s a Balanced, Rewarding Life and I Hope These Five Foundations Help You. I Would Love To Know If You Have a Similar or Better List that Could Help Me & Others Who Read This. Feel Free to Share!

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I was listening to Hubert Laws, Earl Klugh, Stanley Jordan and Andreas Vollenweider, All On Vinyl while Composing this Post!

Ten Reasons Why I Think ‘They’ Killed Prince

One Year Ago Today, I was sitting on the Other Side of My Studio Office on the Other Computer listening to the Long Version of Prince’s “America” (21:46), on Vinyl, but at around 14:56 deemed it far too funky for me to continue my writing. The Groove Pulled Me Away So I Had to Pull It Off.

At 12:58 PM, from This Computer, My Eldest Daughter Called as she usually does most Thursdays, but I was on ‘a roll’ and texted if I could call her back. The Phone chirped back at 1:03 PM: “Prince is dead.” No More Writing. I Returned Her Call. We Mourned.

No, I didn’t know him personally, but since I was just 13 years old when he released “For You” and 52 now, I certainly knew all he had chosen to share. And like many, I had long considered myself the quintessential Prince fan. Yes, I did skip two days of my junior high school year to tear apart “1999” song by song. I had never heard anything like it. Thus began a six year obsessive idol worship until after “Lovesexy” was released and Holy Spirit thoroughly and completely convicted me of such nonsense. So I sold all of my CDs. By the time “Diamonds & Pearls” came out, I could still respect his genius from afar without becoming transfixed in all the hoopla.

Prince was a master musician and I felt a tremendous sense of loss. Like Most, The “How” gnawed and grated at me. I read everything I could to try to make some sense out of it. I listened to his music. I watched News Story and for the first time became modestly interested in the Illuminati Conspiracy Theories. Some Actually Made Sense. I Think The Simpsons hit it on the head, but others were like…

Then I began to see for myself the Telltale signs of Mayhem that lead me to believe that the Official Story ain’t all it was composed to be. My Mother Always Told Me that the Devil is too Proud to Hide His Work and If You Look Close Enough, You’ll See Him for Who & What He Is.

Let Me Very Clear Here to state that I Believe Prince May Have Died from the Fentanyl Overdose. But There Are Too Many Fuzzy Details that Continue to Bug Me. I am going to List Them Below without too much personal commentary. I am going to include links, especially those which point to Others Making Mad Money in the Aftermath:

1. Who in their Right Mind Would Leave Prince Alone Knowing that He Was Sick or Since He Had a Serious Drug Problem that had worried some of his Team?


  • The Brother was Married & Divorced Twice…
  • He Had as Many Guitars as He Had Pairs of Shoes
  • He had Multiple Managers and Booking Agents over the Years
  • He Had Sparred with Warner Brothers for More than a Decade to win back his Masters and Not One Attorney in his Army of Lawyers overseeing his millions ever said, “Dude, Why Don’t You Let Me Draw Up A Will?”

3. From the Autopsy Room to the Crematorium.

4. ‘They’ Drilled into His Vault  Within Nine (9) Days of Prince’s Death -Without a Will.  I Blogged on This Before. Maybe they were searching for one, but…

5.‘They’ Turned Paisley Park into a Museum within Six (6) Months of His Death. Without a Will.

6. Tyka. Too Many Links of Really Weird Interviews to Pick Just The Right One.      Google Her.

7. Universal Music Acquires Prince’s Entire Publishing Catalog from his ‘Estate‘   Within Seven (7) Months. Without A Will.

8. Warner Brothers Announces the Re-Release of “Purple Rain,” Others…dare I say it again, Without a Will?

9. Warners Makes Prince Music Available for Streaming. Something We All Know He Fought Against. Now You Say It…

10. Perhaps this is a long shot, but the deafening silence of his bandmates, previous and former, who may have performed and co-written some of his unreleased material. Wouldn’t YOU Say, “Excuse Me Judge, but that bridge to the chorus that I received a 15% credit on…”??

On A Brighter Note, I Am Very Happy to Hear that Prince’s Estate, whomever they may be has sued to stop the release of “Deliverance” by Ian Boxhill and there are further reports that Universal Music may try to Nullify their Publishing Deal with the Prince Estate – i.e. they won’t be making as much money as they greedily thought they would.

May Our Brother Rest Peacefully, though his Transition is Shrouded in Mystery.

Guess What I’ll be Listening to Today?

Always in Advance

Last Week We Discussed the Importance of Always Making All of Your Agreements with Promoters & Venue Owners In Writing. Today, I want to emphasize, Especially to Younger EntreMusicians the Seriousness of Always Getting PAID in Advance.

The First Step to Achieving this Objective Immediately after Negotiating a Fair Price (based upon Your Experience, Reputation & Sales) is to gently Reaffirm the Date Your Deposit is Due. Remember it’s Printed in the Agreement.

The Second Step Stipulates the Time Your Balance is Due. And It’s Always Prior to the Start of Your Performance. Sound Check is an Ideal Time. All the Equipment is out of the Van, You’re Plugged in and Properly Preparing, On Their Stage! There is No Argument or Sign of a Breach on Your Part – Now is the Perfect Time for Them to Complete Their End of the Deal. Specify This is You Somehow Failed to Reach a Prior Understanding, or if Mrs. Club Owner suddenly comes down with a case of ‘Forgetfulness.’ If Your Written Agreement is Clear & Concise, then Stand Your Ground and Refuse to Go On Until You’re Paid – but Leave Your Equipment Intact, Plugged In, On Their Stage.

If You are a Younger Performer, these types of Standoffs may seem Intimidating, Unnecessary and are Not Why You Got Into the Biz – Besides Your Older Cousin Bobby (who taught you how to play drums) is coming to tonight’s show, so You just wanna Play!

But Remember You Cannot Repossess a Performance…

If Mr. Promoter should Weasel Out of Any or All of Your Payment, That Incredible Sax Solo and Ultra-Phat Rhythm Section Cannot be Recalled or Resold (unless you’ve recorded the hit and plan on selling CDs, but I digress…) It’s Worth Everything to Wait Before Potentially Giving Your Show Away. Again, I’m Assuming You Already Have A Written Agreement in Place.

This is Not the Time to Begin a Whining or Screaming Session. Remain Professional.     Order Food from the Bar or Order Out. Chill Backstage and Wait Till the Hall Fills Up.         The Closer it gets to Showtime, the More You Will See the Balance Shift. Be Prepared to Hold Out Until the Money is In Your Hand. Then Go Out There and KILL!

For Many Years, I have Also Made it a Habit to Always Pay My Fellow Band Members in Advance. As a Bandleader, I Set a Precedent that Allows My Partners to Concentrate Only on the Music and Not On Whether They Will Hear A Sob Story from Me, Quite Possibly Blaming the Club Owner because I Did Not Do Due Diligence.

Headaches are not Something You Need on Game Day, So Prepare Accordingly.                 This Practice Not Only Increases Your Business Acumen, but Solidifies Your Stature among Your Musical Peers as a Serious Professional.

Download My Free E-Book “50 Engaging Ways to Transform Your Fans Into Family” at and Join the Conversation!

I Was Listening to Various Prince and The Time Prime Cuts on Vinyl while Writing this Blog



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7 Fresh Approaches to 2017

The First Week of January is akin to the Dawn of Spring. Creative Endorphins Dance and Sing. New Energy is Released. Fresh Vitality, Intentions, Goals and dare I say, Resolutions are made to Immediately Implement!

It’s a Brand New Year! The Reset Button was engaged at the drop of the ball and by golly, Absolutely Everything I Didn’t Complete Last Year, Multiplied by ALL I Endeavor to Achieve This Year WILL Get Done, or ELSE!

Too many years have passed with crushed pieces of my soul left in the dust, because of my Obsessive Compulsion to Overachieve. While I pretended to become smarter by trying to rearrange my madness as the decades swam by, I Managed to Employ Seven Approaches which have Helped Me to Complete My Goals with Greater Effectiveness.

1 ) Count Your Blessings 

Begin with a  Grateful Heart and Make a List of All You have Accomplished and the Wonderful Things that happened in the Previous Year. Believe Me, It make the Trials You May have Endured Seem Smaller and Provides Momentum to Finish What Didn’t Get Done.

 2 ) Relax & Breathe

Resist The Urge to Plow Right In! Take A Moment to Pray/Meditate/Visualize the Process and Moment of Completion and Your Best Starting Options. Then Put On Your My Favorite Music  (Or Begin Creating It) and Go To Town!

3 ) Always Honor Your Why

Expanding Simon Sinek’s Great Work “Start with Why” with Continual Intermissions of Remembering and Honoring Your Purpose & Reasons for Doing The Work. Utilize Daily Affirmations and Other Reminders to Keep You Focused and Pushing Ahead to Get the Job Done!

4 ) Limit & Prioritize

One of the Major Reasons Goals are Not Achieved is Because We Chew More than We Can Swallow and End Up Spitting Out The Entire Mouthful. Michael Hyatt Recommends No More than 7 to 10 Goals a Year, But Don’t Be Afraid of One, Two Or Three. If You Chose “Paying Off All Debt” as Your Only Goal, You’re Going to Leave Room for Several Wonderful Options!

Once Your Goals Have Been Identified, List Them in Order of Importance! I’m a Huge Fan of Dave Ramsey’s Advice to Begin With the Easiest Goal FIRST, Just to Kick Off Your Momentum and Build Confidence – Then Tackle the Next Easist and Onward!

5 ) Don’t Go It Alone

This was a HUGE Mistake of Mine for Years. I Had the Lone Ranger Syndrome, when I should have had a Team! Now I Know (And Do) Better! MAke Very Sure You have At Least One Person Holding You Accountable to Your Goals, Priorities & Deadlines! BUT…MAke Sure It’s Someone Who Absolutely Understands What Needs To Be Done, How You Plan to Do It and Your WHY!

6 ) Sharpen Your Saw

Dr. Stephen Covey‘s prompting to Keep Your Saw Sharp by Constantly Improving Your Education & Insight on the Work You’re Doing is a MUST!!! There’s Bound to Be a Book, Article, Video and/or Online Course You Can Utilize to Gain More Effective Efficiency! Use The Tools!!

7 ) Laugh Along the Way

You Are Going To Make Mistakes. You Are Going To Fall Behind. You Are Going to Become Frustrated, Confused, Overwhelmed, Angry, Afraid and Want to Give Up Every 147 Hours! Laugh About It! Lighten Up! Go Easy on Yourself and Simply Begin Again!

Happy New Year To You!

My Intention is To Be Here Weekly and Not Drop The Ball Once! Hold My Feet To The Fire!

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Insanely Committed…

Twice in previous posts, I cited instances where I’ve needed to Discontinue a Project and a musical relationship; in the former, prematurely; with the latter, after enduring several difficulties I choose never to repeat. So Today I turn my attention to those Areas and more importantly, People, to whom I’m Insanely Committed and from whom I thankfully receive the same devotion. Yup, this does double as an appreciative “Shout Out” to them!

The Vision of SounDoctrine with members past & present. Despite the various iterations this experiment has taken both on stage and in studio since 2002, I keep in regular contact with over 95% of the guys and gals even as life has moved on.

Phil The Beat is not just my brother in law, he’s my BROTHER and his faithfulness In & Out of Music has been 24/7. Janis Jones, whose star shines brighter with each passing day remains forever the First Lady of SD. She’s ready to sing at a moment’s notice, but deeper still, she’s a True Friend & Sister I’ve known since fourth grade. We’re on this journey together.

Jim Couchenour, Songwriter Extraordinaire, always carries a Ballad in his Pocket and Warmth in his Heart. Dynamic Brothers Cliff & Nate Barnes are the initial thread in the SounDoctrine fabric and remain a huge part of the future thought. Frank “Alowishus” Walton, Mitch Lawrence and Dylan Waters each carry brightly lit torches alongside me as Brothers and into SounDoctrine‘s tomorrow. Big Ups to Janet Write, Tara Amill, Paul Douds, Rob White, Rick Young and Michael Austin – each just a text away.

Chris “Thumbper” Rhodes. Enough Said. If You Know Me, You’ve Met Him.

Jerry Thompson, with whom a near decade of intense brotherhood, transparency and integrity weaves thoroughly through our journey. I can’t imagine being involved in anything personally or professionally where his wisdom, advice and influence doesn’t weigh in heavily. Iron Sharpens Iron.

Michaela Write absorbs my obscure, abstract musings and tries (hard) to put some order to them so I may get the work done. She’s more than an Executive Assistant; she’s a Little Sister who both challenges & inspires us to keep the train on track.

While my focus here was toward the EntreMusicianal area of my life, I must confess, I have the best ‘day job’ in the world, along with the best ‘boss,’ Bishop David L. Thomas and the spectacular team and congregation of Victory Christian Center, where I serve as an Associate Pastor. The Life Lessons, Love & Leadership are immensely foundational to Whom I Am & All I Do.

My Heart & Soul To My Lori Lynette (talk about Crazy Love) and All My Devotion to Our Daughters Tejai, Nia & Ayana. I’m Tremendously Blessed. What More Can a Man Ask?


I was grooving on The Crusaders’ “Unsung Heroes” & “Second Crusade” while writing this.



One of the most Deceiving Characteristics lurking beneath the Soul of any Creative is the illusion that because He or She is gifted with Extraordinary and even Supernatural Skills, is that they will become Successful on their Talents alone.

Nothing is further from the Truth and it’s often nauseating to watch that tiny demon grow into a raging monster until the Extremely Anointed Artist/Singer/Musician either Wakes Up to the New Reality or Self Destructs. We’ve seen many illustrations of both.

The EntreMusician is only as strong as Their Trusted Team, without whom Nothing Important is Accomplished. The best advice is to surround yourself with people who know far more than you do about Finances, Legal Matters, Marketing, Promotion and Business Management. This Frees You to Explore & Exercise the Art you’ve been entrusted to Steward and Share with the World.

Don’t Be Proud and Stupid!

Yell, Scream and Seek Out HELP!!!!

I was listening to Andreas Vollenweider on vinyl while creating this post.

NO Thanks??

Firstly, It’s Gooood to be Back on the Blog after a longer than (un)planned hiatus. The New SounDoctrine CD “Source” is completely available at an E-tailer near you – except Spotify & Pandora for obvious Intelli-EntreMusician reasons. 

Also in the interim, I began a Sunday Jazz Radio Show on 94.7 FM “The Star” in Youngstown, invited by my cronies Darryl Alexander & Jeff Green from 4 to 7 pm. If You’re in the Youngstown/Warren Ohio area, tune in!

Additionally, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel south to visit family on my mother’s side I had never met, including a first cousin only 11 months my senior with so many similarities, it was eerie! 

So many great things to be thankful for – and precisely the reason I am returning to the iPad on this note.

It seems this has been a year with very minimal focus on the Holiday of Thanksgiving. As I am writing in the corner of this cafe, Christmas music is blaring over the system with intermittent commercials about Black Friday, but there has been zero media on the day set aside for reflection and truly giving thanks.

Needless to say, there have been many, plenty episodes of unfortunate attacks on foreign soil and in our supposed land of the free. People to our left and right appear to have nor show love, respect or regard to their fellowman and each of us could do more to express patience and forgiveness. but to totally disregard  the true spirit of Thanksgiving, Family and Togetherness is a little unnerving. 

Now one of my cousins, who meticulously shared our own family history which contains over 60% of Native American blood, expressed his own concerns of why we should NOT be celebrating the atrocities committed against our people, while true, does not negate the spirit of gratefulness for all of the blessings I / We have personally experienced, even amidst the misfortunes which have occurred.

Here is one very grateful man, truly thankful to God, My Family & My Friends for all you are, have done and truly mean to me.

Tonite 7p We Begin a 4 week Series in Ep

Tonite 7p We Begin a 4 week Series in Ephesians utilizing Hermeneutics. VCC Coitsvile 3899 McCartney Rd. Free of Charge. All Invited!

Second Sundays 2014 Season is here! Phil

Second Sundays 2014 Season is here! Phillip K Jones kicked off February. Laura Varcho on March 9. View Highlights