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You Already Have “IT”

If You’re familiar with the biblical account of Moses standing on the Mountain Horeb, arguing with God, who had enlisted him to be the Chief Emancipator of the enslaved Israelites (see Exodus 3-4), you’d recall the litany of comedic excuses that effortlessly flowed from the Patriarch’s mouth.

“I Can’t,” “Why Me?” “Who Am I?” “I Can’t Even Talk Right!” “Pick Somebody Else!” “What If They Don’t Believe Me?!”

The rifling rhetoric continued until The Holy Of Holies became furious with the mortal (4:14-17). God had done all He could to convince His creation that he was chosen for this mission and would not relent. “Moses,” he asked the stuttering skeptic, “What’s That in Your Hand?” It was a mere Shepherd’s Staff that Moses had trekked the mountainside with for the past 40 years. A Simple Stick, that when under the authority of the Eternal Almighty would become a serpent, which would soon devour the snakes of the Pharoah. A Divine Rod which would ultimately be used to part the Red Sea, leading the awestruck Hebrews to safety.

So What About You & I?

I must admit there are times where I have to slap myself back into the realization that I Don’t Need Additional Dollars, The Right Connection(s), A New ‘Thingamajig’ or Another ‘Whatchamacallit’! I Really do have Everything I Need to Begin or Complete the Task in front of Me.

And So Do You!

It May Not Look Like Much. Perhaps It’s Not the Latest Version and May not be in the Best Shape, but it’s YOURS and when properly placed under the careful construct of His Majesty, Miracles happen and soon the Whole Wide World will Witness the Greatness that is You, because You’ve Yielded Yourself to Someone Greater to achieve Something Greater…and IT was in Your Hands All Along!

I’m listening to Kendrick Scott’s “Conviction” as I write this…

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Reduced to One

Last Week, I shared Seven Simple ID tags & Components which comprise my life. While Continuing to hone my focus toward “being” VS “doing,” I am forced to reflect on a truth that I have written on before, having learned from many Mega-Leaders that bears repeating often.

As Multi-faceted as You and I are in talents, gifts and creative resources, our time on this planet is best served by concentrating on The One Thing which defines our Life & Legacy. In fact, there is going to be just One Statement, One Occupation or Position, One Major Trait or in the sense of our Artistry, One Project or Song that people will note to describe you at your memorial service.

So Why Not concentrate on that One Strength Today & use 2016 to improve upon it?

As John C. Maxwell notes in his fantastic book, “Intentional Living,” honing in on The One Thing will cause you to become extraordinary in a particular field, where trying to bolster one of your weaker areas will only make you slightly better than average!

For the EntreMusican, this means sharpening Your Strongest Weapon. We’ve all seen (and heard) the multi-instrumentalist who is adept at each (information), but when he/she sits down to that one, the magic begins (transformation).

So hats off to Transformation! Kudos to Our Personal Development and Zoning In on The One, Musically & Practically!

Come to My Jere B’s Approach Facebook Page and Let Me Know what Your One Thing Is! I’d love to Converse with You!

I’m listening to Kenny G’s first solo album, on vinyl, as I write this…

The Simple Seven

Living deeper into this new year, some of us may already feel overwhelmed and are sliding away from the myriad of goals we confidently set before the ball dropped.

The key to preserving our self esteem is refocusing our ‘be‘ away from our ‘do‘! Sticking to Who We ARE, Our Character, Principles & Values help Guide & Train Our Activities. We then Accomplish More and Avoid More of what hinders Us!

I’ve broken 2016 down into Seven Simple Steps:

The Four Legs that Support My Life:

Man of God: Absolutely Everything Emanates from My Faith in God and My Discipline as a Follower of Jesus Christ.

Marriage: I Am Husband & Father, First & Foremost. Every other Life Event takes a secondary (and third) priority to My Wife & Daughters.

Music: The Paradigm which I Experience & Express My Life & Personality.

Ministry: I Am Called to Serve Personally & Professionally, My daily Occupation is to be used of God to serve my fellowman spiritually, emotionally and practically.


I Embrace These Three Areas which govern every Activity I Participate in:

GENEROSITY: Purposefully & Strategically Giving of My Time,  Talent & Resources to People, Processes and Projects who and which would not  otherwise have exposure to what I can help bring to their  situation.

LEARNING: Continually Increasing My Level of Absorption to Experts of  Spiritual Growth, Finance & Personal Development Sharpens My Saw, Lifts My Lid & Helps Increase My Influence and Broaden My Platform.

LEADING: Concentrating on Maximum Effectiveness in the People  & Areas I am Blessed to Have Influence Multiplies My Impact and the Legacy I Strive to Leave in the World.

Hopefully you have adopted a similar structure upon which provides an incredibly firm foundation for your future as you navigate 2016!

As I am writing this, I am listening to Online Station: FBRN Red Bowl in Arlington Texas, who’s playing the Top 100 Jazz Tunes of 2015. They were kind enough to include SounDoctrine in the List. At This Time I don’t know where we are, I tuned in late, but they are on #52, so either I missed it…or we’re getting closer!

Peace & Blessings!

Jere B



…The End!!?

Happy & Blessed New Year To You!!

Welcome to the middle of the second week of 2016!

Resolutions being what they are, I trust you are holding steady on the promises you made to and for yourself. Discipline & Consistency is the key. And I’m preaching at myself here, not to you!

I’d like to begin this post with the same thought I presented last year this time. It’s the wonderful application I employ each January offered by the late Dr. Stephen R. Covey from his must read “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” and that is ‘Begin with The End in Mind.’

Although standing in the infancy of a brand new year, it’s vital that we Intellectually & Emotionally place ourselves in December. All that we Plan to Accomplish & Achieve hinges on our Visualization of the Completed Task/Goal/Project.

As a Man of Faith, I find this thought Scripturally Relevant because Isaiah 46:10 records Almighty God stating “Declaring the End from the Beginning, from Ancient Times, the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will accomplish all My purpose.” So if our Heavenly Father looks at His creation from this perspective, so should we.

I wish you the Most Prosperous & Impacting of years. I have prayed into this one and am planning to make 2016 My Best Year Ever, so much so that I purchased Michael Hyatt‘s course and have been working my way through it since the last two weeks of December. I highly recommend it!

Next week I will share Seven Simple Words that support My Life and will Propel My Year!

As I Write This, I am listening to some old vinyl: Just put on Slave’s “Just a Touch of Love” side two ‘Roots’

Peace & Blessings!

Jere B