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Little Green Monsters

How Many Times have I stated that being an independent Entrepreneurial Musician is extremely difficult? I’ve lost count now. And although you knew this going in, what you may not have anticipated was that oftentimes, after literally sweating your butt off: planning, rehearsing, following up, booking the venues, recording the projects, tweeting, shedding, more follow up and having all your little ducks in a row while holding down three part-time jobs, that somewhere someone with less talent and far less character moves ahead and onto a platform in your genre that you were aspiring to.

Worse and closer to home is swallowing the bitter pill of your hardworking band showcasing and opening for a headliner who steals your lead singer right from under you in the middle of your 23 week tour, leaving you to scramble and hustle for a replacement while that singer goes onto greener pastures…and more money.

Then there was the tale of the producer who collaborated on a tune with a singer/songwriter who brought in a mere idea. After Mr./Ms. Producer crafts the song in a masterpiece, a bitter dispute ensues about ‘who did what’ once the song was recorded and shopped to promising prospects.

The scenarios are endless. I am sure you can fill in the blank here __________________________.

And although this blog is not Necessarily about crossing our tees and dotting our eyes (i’s) on an agreement, life still happens and we are left open to emotional wounds that, without some real discipline and fortitude will lead to the little monsters of envy coming in to steal more of our joy than the original offense.

Envy has a way of blinding us to the real issues at hand. More than likely, because of our optimism, we may have been ignoring signs that something had the potential of going wrong with the other person or situation. When it did or finally does blow, the disappointment is escalated beyond our reasoning to see things clearer.

Envy sows venomous seeds of hatred, unforgiveness and distrust that stifle our ability to move on and enter new agreements with others who really do have our best interests at heart.

Because Envy skips like a scratched CD, we repeatedly replay the offensive scene over and again. We’re distracted. Our attention is averted from making the music we should be and the “Why Me?” or “Why Not Me?” take center stage and becomes another thief in the scenario.

By no means am I trying to discount what hurts. I’ve had my seasons of shiny shed tears. Recently, I listened to a radio interview of a young musician I helped give a good start to – I paid him well and hired him often, yet when he put his own thing together, he never reciprocated. On the radio he commented on and thanked everyone he’s ever played with – except yours truly. Life Happens!

I can either harbor ill feelings or help myself (or write a country western tune about the experience and probably make some real moola!!) – Bottom Line is we cannot allow the little monsters (Envy – not the people!) to take anything from us. We must swallow hard, learn the lesson and move on.

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What’s the Difference between a Tune and a Song?

I would venture to suggest the difference between day and night, right or wrong and front and back…

This is not to say that tunesmiths are wrong, dark or backward. Certainly, he and she thrive on the merits of trending what’s hot and happening right now, consequently reaping the short term rewards and accolades of the microwave society known as the Music Industry (which include all participants and purveyors). A tune is cute, catchy, sweet. Extremely Easy to Sing. Impossible to Ignore and in spite of itself, annoying. It’s generally accepted that overtime the listener will tire of listening to it and may grow to hate it (especially when a ‘new tune’ is released). They will delete the download the moment the tingle fades and will not look back in their pursuit of the next big thing. The Artist themselves tango on the tight rope of the tawdry tune, which they soon stuff into a medley of other tunes while on tour, only singing the hooks, less they vomit on stage from the nausea of being associated with the doomed thing in the first place.

A Song, however, knows no such fate. Every Lyric, Melody and Curious Chord Change are constantly reanalyzed, rebuilt and refined from cover to cover. Devoted Fans flock to the Song and File it in their Fave Folders. Artists & Musicians rush to it and celebrate the opportunity to express its universalism and gravity. On stage, the Artist may change the lighting, their clothes and/or the tempo to go into deeper explorations of the Song’s original intent and purpose.

Generations of listeners appreciate the Song. Grandparents immediately reminisce, sharing stories of young love, fate and destiny, while the young carve out their own histories, utilizing the Song’s timeless wonder as the backdrop to their lives.

The Song beckons You. The tune teases.

The Song melts into your memory. The tune takes advantage of the moment.

The Song walks with you through heartache and pain. The tune provides no remedy or safety net.

The Song takes up residence in Your Soul and consistently breathes life into Your Very Being. It offers no stress and harnesses sacred memories that remain with you forever.

At the end of every songwriting session, it is my desire to have received that mystical download from the portals of heaven which engages with the human spirit to encourage and expand life itself for everyone who listens.

I trust we share similar examples.
I would love to know your thoughts!


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