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The No Comfort Zone

If Music is anything at all, it’s an Adventurous Journey into Amazement! Music is an Oasis of Emotions which ofttimes teasingly, lovingly, spiritually and at other times, violently causes the Listener to Experience a moment they could never imagine on their own. My definition is Completely Melodramatic, I know, but not without reasonable consideration for what usually happens in the Musician’s mind…or at least in my own.

Interestingly, in the course of time, that same musician, if not intentional, begins to Slide into the Frontier of the Familiar. They recycle Chord Changes, Patterns, Harmony Structures, Beats and Choruses that meander subconsciously without the least bit of explorative engagement. Usually this happens once the Artist’s fan base is well established and the season of scratching and hoofing out gigs while tearfully begging people to download their music has become a distant memory.

While it’s always important to maintain your own DNA and promote your unique style of singing, playing and performance antics that make you You, the moment you quit learning, taking risks and expanding your palette for the minds, hearts and souls of your tribe is the very moment you’ve filed for retirement. A Musician’s laurels never look as cute to their fans as they do to themselves and they can always smell when you’ve phoned in a gig.

A true EntreMusician graces the tender tightrope of keeping their identity while stimulating advancement, growth and progress in their art. No “cookie cutter” formulas and presumptuous phrases which undermine the intelligence of your audience will last for long. They will remember and they will defect in time. It’s an uncomfortable position to be in, but well worth the music that results if you stay on your toes!

Finally, an EM realizes that his/her music is not just for the entertainment of others. Our souls are also fed when The Spirit downloads into us the wellspring of New Life in Song. The more we return, the more deliciously refreshing we find the water and the more prone we are to resist pondscum.

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Presently our family is walking through a season in which one of our three daughters made a decision to not be truthful about a matter that affected a few families we know. Her actions caused confusion, emotions were damaged and the last few weeks became very difficult. My daughter offered statements which were absolutely believable. But once she confessed The Truth of the matter, we were able to apologize to all parties concern, offer restitution and begin the healing process.

I also took an opportunity to travel out to a music showcase that featured four prominent musicians, in a very unique setting. They all played the same instrument, were each gifted, technically skilled and knew their craft. Each gave rousing, even blistering solos in their sets, as they performed together and separately and each were adept at being absolutely believable. But only one told The Truth, and the audience knew it.

Stepping back from these two spectrums reminded me of my own journey as an EntreMusician, and the many EMs I read about, know and listen to. There is a ton of believable music out there. Many of us have been coached to use certain sounds, beats, tempos and even software to massage and manage our craft to fit certain formats, reach strategic demographics and fight for the right space and/or chart positions. Others perform at a level of playing that is credible, reasonable and believable. But very few of us are telling The Truth.

Am I / Are You most focused on how many fans, stations, downloads and merch we are able to attract, reach and sell, while standing on the threshold of believability? Or would we be more devoted to creating the most honest, transparent, sincerest music we can offer, in spite of how many will support us?

Because The Truth is The Light.
Because The Truth always leads to Healing.
Because The Truth will always stand, flat footed, on its own with all convincing, rational, plausible statements kneeling beneath its shadow.

If You Have a Comment, Share it on My Facebook Page to Increase Our Dialogue.

Interestingly, I wasn’t listening to any music while writing this post…

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The ONE Thing

During this First Full Week of 2015, most EntreMusicians are a rush in a flurry of activities. Many have already booked their tour season solid and are selling tickets. Others, like me, are hybernating in various studios, mixing & remxing, finalizing new product.

Often the burden of tweaking your marketing, online distribution, brand and dealing with plenteous peripheral concerns like negotiating with the broker who wants to get your music into foreign territories while simultaneously writing, rehearsing, recording and performing can begin to distort your Original Artistic Vision (OAV).

Instead of continually scrambling hither and yon, plowing through all of the opportunities (read distractions) that continue to vie for attention, invest important time in simplifying your life, career and year.

The secret in accomplishing your goals and dreams is not in multiplication. It’s in subtraction. Focused Subtraction. So Much So, that you begin defining Your Artistry as One Single Foundation. Is it your Unmistakable Sound? Unique Voice? Musicianship? Look? Message? Lifestyle?

Even if You’ve been at this for a while, it’s vital to evaluate yearly and ask these questions:

Who Are My/Our True Fans?

Why Do They Support My Artistry?

What’s The One Thing I/We Want to be Most Known For?

Am I Providing That One Thing they Need/Seek to Keep them Coming Back?

Is There One Thing I Need to Add/Eliminate to Secure a Career long

You’ll find that although your Music/Band/Career may have This, This, Some of This & a Little of That, the majority of your Core Fans dig you primarily for The ONE Thing you consistently provide.

Keep Doing That and Everything Else will fall into place!
(This reminds me of Matthew 6:33)

So Write Me Back. Leave a Comment and Let Me Know What You Are Doing to Simplify Yourself Down to The One Thing and how it has helped your career!

P.S. I am listening to Herbie’s “The New Standard” as I write this…

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DECEMBER 31, 2015??

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the launch of another excitingly wonderful, optimistically bright-n-shiny year! By the time you’re reading this, you’ve no doubt already broken 2 of of your 22 resolutions, but since they are left overs from last night, this digression doesn’t count!

If you’re like many of us, you’ve reviewed last year and framed an initial strategy for this one. Your calendar contains a third of this year’s important dates & deadlines and you stand ready to pencil in peripheral events which will help propel your life and career forward. Most EntreMusicians do.

What many EM’s don’t, however, is apply Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s method of “Beginning with the End in Mind” which is a more holistic approach to the Day/Week/Month methodology of navigating the year. If You were to adorn 2015 with a Single Theme, and live everyday accordingly, you would accomplish far more than merely segmenting various components to achieve your myriad of goals.

Most Importantly, placing a greater emphasis on whom you wish to be, or are becoming by year’s end, will provide a more excellent governance over your activities, than placing your “To Do List” as First Priority.

Think About It. Who Are You at the Very End of 2015? What Did You Accomplish? To Whom did You Add Value? What Work Did You do that Truly Mattered?

Now, Let’s Get Started!!

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