Firstly, I am a Husband & Father of three daughters. This is a role I take more seriously with each passing day. After 17 years of marriage,  I am learning to treasure each moment and experience as vital to the man that I am and am becoming.

Secondly,  I am a Composer/Producer/Musician who can’t help but see everything around me through this spectrum. There is either rhythm, harmony and melody in everything or there is discord and entropy. Every area of life is like a different genre of music and I am more drawn toward the explorative “fusion jazz” of life than I am to the bland ‘top 40’ flavor of the month.

Thirdly and most central is that I am a Follower of The Lord Jesus Christ. I make no apologies and although completely open minded about all facets of life, I don’t compromise the clear direction and teaching of scripture. Lord knows I am not a perfect man and I don’t pretend to be – in fact, a huge part of this blog is sharing my horrible mistakes, personally and professionally and how they have helped hone my Faith, Family and approach to Funky Jazz and the always interesting Business of Music!

I am blessed to be an Associate Pastor of Victory Christian Center in Coitsville, OH, a very progressive ministry with six campuses under the direction of Lead Pastors David & Kathie Thomas. We Love God Completely, Others Unconditionally & Life Enthusiastically. No Airs; No “Holier than Thou” nonsense. Just Ordinary People experiencing an Extraordinary Life loving & serving an Amazing God. Check us out online at theresaplaceforyou.com

I am also blessed to serve as the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Tejai, Ltd and Niayana Recordings, A Music Production Company and Indie Record Label, named after my three girls, Tejai, Nia & Ayana. You can read more about  this function in my Bio section below, but these entities serve as the basic building and distribution blocks for my                 “Originalternativefunkjazzfusion” band, SounDoctrine, peripheral production pursuits and a platform for other artists here in N.E. Ohio. I also oversee the publishing interests of Soul Food Music, Tejai Music & Niayana Music respectively (original huh?)

This is my personal blog. It is primarily focused on “fulfilling your musical destiny.” Drawing from my experiences as an Entrepreneurial Musician, I share my philosophy and persepective on biting down hard on your dream, despite setbacks, mistakes and challenges. I also suggest resources, software and methods that have helped me to continue to pursue these goals. What you may find most interesting is that I am NOT there yet! On this journey, I’ve had to Stop and Begin again. Many Times. Yet, in each new chapter, I have found through ‘Perseverance‘*, ‘Endurance’* and the ability to ‘Inspire‘* others are  my greatest weapons against throwing in the towel.

I write on these subjects, and, on occasion, stuff that doesn’t necessarily fit into any of these categories. I share many strategies I am discovering and employ. Please know that sometime I may write on subject matter deemed ‘controversial’ to Biblical Christianity as a means to provoke a greater level of thinking. Although meant to be provocative, my aim is to never distort or compromise scripture or to offend any individul or group of people. I’m not about that. My Heart is to Love & Encourage and to represent that which is Righteous & True – always being transparent and open about my own failures in the process. It’s All About GROWING!

My chief goal is to create relevant and engaging content that you can implement in your personal and professional life. If you are a Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Musician or Pastor—or aspire to be—then this blog is for you!

I typically post twice a week. Tuesdays & Saturdays. To make sure you don’t miss any, you can subscribe via RSS or Email.

*The titles of three SounDoctrine albums


I am the Founder & Chief Visioneer of Tejai, Ltd., a Multimedia Production company comprised of North Eastern Ohio Musicians and Music Business Executives involved in multimedia entertainment at all levels. My company oversees operations for Niayana Recordings, Tejai Music Publishing, Soul Food Music & Niayana Music Publishing, three budding publishing companies affiliated with BMI and ASCAP respectively.

I am a Composer/Producer & Musician. My award winning band, SounDoctrine has released four critically acclaimed CDs and a DVD and have received notable honors from Soul Patrol, The Hollywood Black Film Festival, Campus Crusade for Christ, New Artist Radio, The Capital Jazz Fest Challenge, WSVN and the American Gospel Music Awards among others.
SounDoctrine tours occasionally, and our music crosses international boundaries, selling CDs in Japan, France, China, Germany, Australia, South Africa and Great Britain. The Weather Channel has regularly featured SounDoctrine music since January 08.
I have been blessed to score the Independent Film Shorts, “On Line Love” & “First Movie Date,” for filmmaker Art Byrd; Compose and Produce the Music for the Off Broadway Play, “In Search of an African Queen” and create music for The CBOSS Community Network’s Webcasts. Additional work includes composing and arranging for the legendary Ms. Lisa Taylor; Jazz Songstress, Tracee;  R&B duo, 2 Elegant;  Gospel Singer, Carlton Jenkins;  The Spirit of Truth Choir;
Acoustic Duo McCabe and co-producing Smooth Jazz Artist, Jim Couchenour’s “Quiet Canvas’ CD series.
I spent eight years as Senior Producer & Director of the legendary WKBN Radio Dan Ryan Talk Show and was the morning Gospel Announcer for Radio 1500 WGFT-AM. I’ve done Voice Over work for the prestigious Cogun Industries and produced several jingles for local Radio and Television markets. I am grateful to have been featured on WFMJ-TV21’s “Community Connections” with Madonna Chism-Pinkard numerous times. I wrote the theme song, “Chi Tea” for her program.
My future projects include an expansion plan for Niayana Recordings, growing this label to include more faith based artists with unique styles.
Since debuting in the movie “Greater Threat” a film by Ray O’Neill, I began to pursue a vibrant acting career, which included landing the lead role in the film short “Magnify,” appearing as “Joshua” in the Youngstown Playhouse’s production of David E. Talbert’s “Fabric of A Man” and most recently appearing in a TV Commercial promoting WFMJ-TV21 News.
As a follower of Jesus Christ and Associate Pastor at Victory Christian Center, I have a heart for teaching and motivating biblical truths and I work to help people to find their life’s calling. My goal is to exemplify Christ and live a life of integrity while mentoring toward success. I am very happily married to my sweetheart of 17 years, Lori. We have three beautiful daughters; Tejai Davon, Nia Joi and Ayana Simone

My Contact Information

You can contact me at jereb@soundoctrine.com or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.


This is my personal blog. The opinions I express here do not necessarily represent those of my SounDoctrine (although I write their blogs and newsletters too) or Victory Christian Center. The information I provide is on an as-is basis. I make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this blog and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its use.
I happily welcome all comments and feedback. I am trusting for many opportunities to dialogue with you. What I ask is that you afford me, my comments and the comments of others appropriate respect – especially if you should disagree. Sometimes our differences and differences of opinion grow us in ways unimaginable. I reserve the right to delete comments that use profanity, hate language toward any person or group of people. Any comments which contain threats  or other abusive language will be reported to WordPress.com and if necessary, appropriate authorities.
Now that those legalities are out of the way. let’s have some fun!!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Sarah Bichachi Basilio says:

    Your blog is truly inspiring, especially for someone like me who loves jazz but grew up in an agricultural country on a rural setting with totally nothing to start with but just my own gift of singing that God bestowed on me. No proper music schools in my time…. no internet at the farm…. just a cracking radio. I read your article asking if ‘you will do it’….? In my case, hell yes! I gave so much struggle…. doing unbelievable things just so I can fulfill my dream of singing the songs I loved so much. It was a painstakingly slow process….. that even now in my golden years, I can’t seem to find myself in the right place because of circumstances that keeps me from spreading my wings and flying free! Frustrating. Yet, I keep holding on to my dreams….. for even in small ways, God finds a path for me to share my talent to a few who understands and appreciates jazz on my side of the fence. Finally, I’m in America…. and although it’s a bit late for my music career, I believe God has always something for me or He won’t bring me here. 🙂 Career or not, I simply love jazz and can’t live without it. I am so thankful that there is someone like you who cares for talented individuals (which I wished I had during my time). God bless you for your cause…. and for uplifting my spirit and probably of others like me. ❤ You rock!

    • Jere B says:

      Sarah, Blessings to You. I truly appreciate your taking the time out to write and for your encouraging words. I completely identify with having a dream so you believe in so strongly and it seems that Life & Time pass you by. But please don’t give up. God is Not a Practical Joker. HE gave you this dream and HE will help you to bring it out and present it to the world – Even if You Are 80 Years Old, You Can Still Touch the World!! Go For It!!!

      And thanks again for writing- please share this blog with everyone you know!

      Peace & Blessings!
      Jere B

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