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Copyright or Wrong?

The First True Threat to Copyright’s Extinction in Our Lifetime was the invention of the Sampler and its Little Cousin, the Portable DAT , which blew open Recording Studio Doors to Unlimited Imagination and Unabashed Thievery. No Previous Song Was Safe From the MPC and against the backdrop of the late, great James Brown‘s roaring protests stood Chuck D‘s amplified mantra, “Yo, You Can’t Copyright No Beat!!”

The Recordable CD on Your Laptop gave birth to the First Napster and File Sharing introduced an new generation of fans to Led Zeppelin while making bands like Radiohead and Dispatch household (pun intended) names.

Music Buyers metamorphosed into Music Lovers who No Longer Purchased Music. Record Companies finally awakened from their Cash Comas (brought on by the CD Boom) and realized they could not NOT Negotiate with Steve Jobs. When the dust settled around the 99 cent download and Napster’s Socks were Sued Off, the entire notion of Copyright Protection for the Content Owner began to slip into the paws of the Content Provider.

Streaming seeks to further erode such protections more subtly as Subscription Models ensure the End User Owns Nothing and Access is Granted or Revoked based on Advantaged Licensing Agreements tilted toward the Providers, Not The Owners.

Less Copyright Protection Equals Far Fewer Royalties for Owners who are now relying on Congress to Change the Game. Many Say Copyright is Dead,or at best on life support with the hyper advance of technology and Creative Commons squelching the Conversation.

EntreMusicians would do well to Resurrect this Sacred Trust by Developing Technology which Secures our Unique Position as sole Owner/Provider, Creating our Own Subscription Channels Direct to our Exclusive Bases, Disconnected from the Snares of Apple, Google, Spotify and YouTube. Established & Marketed Correctly, This Vehicle would Guarantee that Copyright remains Right.

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I was listening to Jeff Lorber‘s “Galaxian” on vinyl while composing this blog.


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You Will, Will You?

Among the most curious moments I encounter as an EntreMusican are the amount of people, specifically fellow musicians, who spend most of their conversation talking about what they will do – or are engaged in – or about to start and nothing ever comes from it. If you should inquire weeks, months or even years later why they haven’t moved forward, there’s Always an Excuse or a New Villain to blame….

Most are Brilliant Musicians, but won’t leave their Black Light Basements filled with Recording Gear to enter the real world of Engagement. There’s Never Enough Time, and/or Opportunities and besides, the system is rigged so that industry gatekeepers make it next to impossible for them to access. While some (or all of this) may be true, these same artists pacify themselves with hollow words that never manifest.

Of that bunch, practically all of them are critical complainers, angry at EMs who’ve moved beyond the precipis of procrastination and have embarked on the journey of our dreams.

I generally listen quietly, but once I can’t take anymore I begin to ask these questions…

If you say You Will ________________________________ (fill in the blank), then Will You take the next progressive step and pick up the phone, make the call, send that text or email?

If You Say You Will, Will You – Do Every Single Thing it Takes to complete Your task? Will You Learn How to Say “No”  to Timewasters and become radically focused on Your Goals & Priorities and Plan Responsibly? 

Will You Do What You Say You Will Do?

How have you answered these questions? The World is Waiting!

I was listning to Dave Grusin & Lee Ritenour’s exquisite “Two Worlds” while writing this.

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