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Ask Yourself The Hard Question!

Let’s Pretend for A Moment…

Say You’ve Invented a Brand New Universal Tool. Its Purpose is to Be An Important, Indispensable Standard that People of All Races, Ethnicity and Cultures will Appreciate & Enjoy!

This Tool Can Be Used In Your Home, Business, Car, Place of Worship or On Your Mobile Device while You’re On The Go. You Know that People Are Going To Love & Appreciate It, Once they are Aware of its Availability  and Affordable Price.

You Own the Patent to this Tool and have Trademarked the Brand Name. Although You Do Not Own the Various Patents to the Equipment & Software You’ve used to Develop This Fantastic Gadget, You Have Patented  & Control the Unique Processes by which Your Tool is Designed & Manufactured. You Are Aware that a Few “knock-offs” may be developed overtime, but Your Methodology Ensures that You Will Become & Probably Remain a Market Leader.

The Next Step is to Partner with a Distributor who can Help Market, Promote and Get Your Tool into as Many Hands as Possible. You Make What You Feel is A  Great Deal with a Company with a Global Reach and Does Not Impede on Your Exclusive Rights & Control over the Manufacture of Your Magnificent Tool.

Overtime, You Notice that This Distributor’s Profits have begun to Eclipse Your Own. For Every $1000 You See, They have made $10,000 and in some cases and in a few regions much, much more, due to their ‘bundling’ of Your Tool with Lesser Quality Devices. Heck, They’ve even Developed a Subscription Model whereby the Customer is able to Use Your Tool As Many Times as They Wish, Without Even Purchasing It.

To Some Extent, You May Not Mind the Creativity of The Distributor’s Concept. After All, Your Tool is Available Everywhere & Absolutely Everyone is Using it and Appreciating its Functionality. Your Tool is a Bonafide Hit!

The Problem is You’re Not Getting Paid What You Know Your Tool is Worth – and – If It Were Not for Your Tool, The Distributor would Never, Ever See the profits they currently enjoy.

So, You Try to Re-Negotiate, Only to Discover that this Very Rich, Very Smart, Well Connected Distributor has successfully lobbied certain Members of Congress, The DOJ, Other Well Established Government Officials and even Similar Minded Partner Distributors to Enforce Laws & Practices that Keep the Big Bucks Rolling In for Them while You’re Left Counting Pennies.

However, Remember that because You Own the Patents, Trademark and the Manufactured Tool itself, which The Distributor Needs to Sustain their Business, You Have A  Crucial Decision to Make.

Would You:

A) Keep Things the Way They Are, Grateful That Your Tool Is A Worldwide Sensation, Even Though You’re Being Robbed Out of Fair Compensation?? (In Fact, You Are Planning to Make More, Perhaps Better Tools to Send Them to Rob You With)


B) Remove Yourself & Your Tool from The Agreement and Begin the Painstaking Process of Becoming a Niche Distributor where Less People May Be Aware of Your Tool, But You Earn Higher Profits with Each Sale? (the additional profit affords you greater opportunity to improve your marketing)


Obviously You Understand that I am Talking About Songwriters and Their Songs.

I Sincerely Desire for Every EntreMusician to Answer This Question Truthfully.

Before You Do, However: Check Out These Two Articles:



I Have Had Hundreds of Conversations with Artist/Musicians at All Levels and Each Answer Varies to the Point where I Needed to Simplify My Approach by Presenting a Different Business where the Creator & Manufacture Must Look At The Bottom Line to Determine Whether of Not He/She Could Remain In Business or Close Their Doors.

Music is Such An Emotional Tool that Fame Often Overshadows Fortune. An EntreMusician Can End Up Eating Bread Sandwiches while Everyone is Singing Their Songs… 


I wasn’t listening to any music while composing this blog post.

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SPOTIFY AND APPLE ARE AT EACH OTHER’S THROATS…, Apple in Talks to Acquire Jay Z’s Tidal“…, YOUTUBE’S DOMINANCE TAKES A BEATING“…, & The Music Industry Just Lost a Big Fight with the Government Over Royalties” are just a few recent Headlines glaring in the faces of EntreMusicians. And the New News is Spotify Tops 35m Subscribers which continues to support the David & Goliath mock-up we’ve been fed for decades.

Sure, there are Certain Things that Intimidate Us, Most of Us are NOT Millionaires.

But Are We Powerless?  Or Do We Merely Think We Are? Who Convinced Us of This?

Are we Really in No Position to Change this Music Game and Reroute Our Artistry Directly to Our Individual Friendbase while Bypassing The Current System?

Is the notion of An Independent Streaming Model Available to Each EntreMusician Intelligent Enough to Create Continual Content too Difficult to Imagine?

If a $1.99 / $2.99 Exclusive Access Tier from Our Own Individual Channels were Created & Maintained, a Far Fairer Form of Compensation, and perhaps Appreciation, of our Art would be Enjoyed. Obviously, We’d Bear Sole Responsibility for Building & Nurturing our Tribe, but the Truth is We Do This Now while Reaping No Advantages

These Are the Questions I Continue to Ask, Conversations I Constantly Engage and the Plan I AM Currently Implementing.

In Numbers 13 (OT), Moses sends out 12 Spies to Investigate the land The Lord had appointed for them To Conquer. Forty Days Later, 10 of them returned with a Thoroughly Wimpy & Faithless Answer – even confessing that they felt as small as grasshoppers amidst the citizens there and must have looked the same way to them! 

If You’d keep reading, You’d find that the other two spies, Joshua & Caleb Radically Disagreed with the 10 punks and Courageously Inspired the People to Take The Land!

Now You Can Guess Who The Lord (who is a Staunch Rewarder of Faith) Was Ultimately Pleased With…

So, Are You a Joshua or a Caleb?

Or Are YOU Powerless?


While I wasn’t listening to any music while composing this blog, Earlier I was digging on Ahmad Jamal’s “Blue Moon

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This Week I take a Break on My Lone Diatribe of the Current State of the Music Industry and that which I feel EntreMusicians Can/Should be Doing to Alter the Ugly Tide. As I Reflect & because I Am Quite Passionate, It seemed I was beginning to Sound like a Whining Polemic, which was/is not my intention.

My Goal here is to Engage, Encourage & Empower EntreMusicians Everywhere to Embrace their Artistry with the Highest Level of Significance & Inspiration.

To that End, Today I wish to share the Importance of Creating Systems in Your Day/Week/Life which Propel You toward Consistently Attaining New Heights in Your Career.

If You’re Anything Like Me, or the Millions of Other True Creatives, Our Souls Find Meaning in Abstracts. We tend to “Feel” More than We “Reason.” Creatives are More Apt to Be “In The Moment” than “In The Long Run.”

As a Intense Jazz Lover & a Participant in the Genre, the Sheer Intention of Improvisation is Always Intriguing and a Blessed Experience, but without the Foundation of a Steady Rhythm, Chord Patterns, Motifs & Melody, the Magic Mercurially Melts.

EntreMusicians Understand this Balance. We Incorporate Habits, Rituals & Systems into Our Days/Weeks/Lives to Provide Security for the Spontaneity. We Emphasize Structure so our Creativity Soars.

Although Creatives Understand the Disciplines that Apply to Our Craft, and subsequently Practice our Fingers Off, We Rarely Develop Regiments around Our Art to Promote, Sustain and/or Catapult Our Careers & Influence.

Here Are A Few Questions for You To Consider:

a) Do You Have a Daily/Weekly/Life “To-Do” List?

b) Do You Maintain a Morning Ritual?

c) Have You Established Boundaries on How You Spend Time in Each Sphere of Your Life?

d) Is there a Proper Balance for Personal & Professional Relationships & Goals?

e) Have You Formed a Team to Keep You Accountable to Your Aspirations?

The Way You Answer these Questions Will Help Shed Light on what You Need to Do to become More Effective & Efficient in Harnessing Your Creativity & Accomplishing What Truly Matters.

Below Are A Few Resources which have over several years helped me form Significant Systems in My Quest to Create Extraordinary Work I Pray Makes A Major Difference in the Lives My Spirit Reaches.

Time Will Tell the Ultimate Extension of My Influence, but Time Will Certainly Find Me Constantly Improving My Serve!   I Pray The Same for You!!

Michael Hyatt – My Ideal Week 

Dr. Steven Covey – The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Dr. Myles Munroe – In Pursuit of Purpose

David Allen – Getting Things Done

John Maxwell – Talent is Never Enough  (Or Any Other Doggone John Maxwell Book!!)

The Bible (An Indispensable Tool in My Systematic Arsenal!)

I was not listening to any music as I Composed this Blog and am Suddenly Wondering Why!


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You Mean They Drilled Into His Vault??

Obviously I have waited for what I feel is a respectable amount of time to bring this topic up. And I No Way Feel a Disconnect from the Main Topic I have espoused for the last few months, beginning weeks prior to Prince’s Majestically Mysterious Departure.

I have been asking “How You Define Success,” “How Important Are You,” and slowly initiating an Obsessive “Psychology behind the Philosophy” Mantra for EntreMusicians to Rethink our Entire Dependence on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and the Upcoming Amazon Streaming System. Irregardless of the fact that the Grammys are now considering a Brand New Category for Streaming Music, If Artists are Not Getting Paid, They’re Getting Pimped! (Tweet That!)

But I Digress…

Reflecting on The Purple One’s Intense Fight for Independence from Warners, His Mysterious Death (You Mean He was Left All Alone, All Night In That Huge Complex After Almost Dying a Week Earlier?), One of the Speediest Cremations of a Body Not Dying by Fire and to Top It All, his Private Music Vault Drilled Open Less Than 10 Days After His Death?!?!!

In Considering He was a Single Man at the time of his passing, Intensely Private and that he Left No Will, One of the Single Most Important Questions EntreMusicians Must Ask themselves is “Who Is My Advocate?” It seems that Tyka and the rest of his half-siblings, along with the Well Intentioned Shelia E, Larry Graham, Morris Day and others who knew His Royal Badness Extremely Well have to Sit on the Sidelines while an Attorney & A Record Company Executive muses through his Intellectual Property.

If  This  Doesn’t  Scare  the  Rhythm  Out  of  You,  You’re  NOT  A  Musician!

Here are a Few Questions You Should Ask & Answer before the End of this Blog:

“Does My Spouse/Significant Other Know Where My Copyright-Publishing Information Is and Can They LEGALLY Speak for Me if I am Physically/Mentally Incapacitated or am Deceased?”

“Where Is My Will and Is that Sucker Updated?”

“Do Select People I Love and Trust Have the Necessary Passwords to my BMI/ASCAP/SESAC and other Pertinent Accounts”

“Have I Explained Very Clearly My Wishes for My Musical Equipment/Software?”

 “Are My Collaborative Agreements with Other Songwriters/Band Members In WRITING and In Order?”

“Are My Trustworthy Attorney & Accountant Up to Speed on My Wishes for any Unreleased Music I Might Have?”

“Have I Backed Up My Hard Drives and Entrusted them to Safe People/Places?”

Hopefully, these are Enough to Encourage You to Become Very Intentional about the Inevitable. Taking Care of Business is Always of Ultimate Importance for the Intelligent EntreMusician.


I was listening to Bob James’ “Hands Down” on Vinyl while composing this post.


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How Important Are You…?

Face It.

You’re Only As Important as You Think You Are.

You can Either Live By & Under the Expectations & Evaluations of Others – or – You Can CHOOSE to Create & Model Your Own Principles or Ideals.

You Can Either Agree to The “Usual” Pay Scale of the Masses or CHOOSE to Negotiate Your Fee.

It’s Up To You.

Your Self Importance is the Sum Total of Your Own Thoughts, Experiences & Esteem.

Your Self Importance is Directly Tied to Your Own Vision & Goals.

You are Either One Who Sees Him/Herself as Having Very Little to No Worth – or – Someone Who Envisions Endless Possibilities. You Either Settle or You Set Out.

It’s Up To You.

Although Present Options may be Limited, Important People are Always Creating Opportunities to Change that Present Situation and Improve Their Positioning.

EntreMusicians MUST Embrace the Realization that Our Art, Music & Creativity is IMPORTANT. We Must No Longer Accept or Agree to Selling Ourselves Short and/or Out!

It’s Time To Set A Price For Our Shows & Songs that Reflect Fair, Equitable Standards which Put Money in Our Own Pockets or Refuse to Participate on Their Platforms & Stages.

Important People Know How to Say “NO.”

How Important Are You?

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The Plan in Perspective

I have a friend named Joe (real name) who started a New Gym in Youngstown Ohio 18 Months Ago. Geographically, Joe’s Gym is about 2.8 miles away from that Other, Better Established, Open 24/7, Only $10 a Month Gym that Most Everyone Frequents. Joe’s Gym is only open from 5:30am to 9:00pm, has far less equipment & space and his Monthly Memberships begins at 5x more than that other place. Yet Joe has a startling slew of clients and continues to add Specialized Sessions & Trainers to his Growing Roster.

The Secret to Joe’s Success is Joe.His Gym Provides Intentionally Focused Workouts in an Exceptional Environment that Provides Optimum Results to its Members. Joe’s Gym is called The Train Station.

I often think of Joe as I talk to Musicians and Software Developers about this Unfolding Plan I’ve proposed. In case You are Unaware, I began a Post several weeks ago concerning EntreMusicians readdressing the Direct Sales & Digital Distribution of their Art. I continued to Add Thoughts & Emotions and will continue to discuss & work with EntreMusicians to formulate a workable plan. The Conversation is Growing!

In short, I Believe that ALL EntreMusicians must utilize their ability to Stream their Content Directly to Their Own Tribes on a Subscription Basis, without the need of a Billion Dollar Corporation paying them less than a penny per stream. The Technology is Available, but must be Personalized in a format best suited for both Artist & End User. 

Dr. Nelson Harrison, a very forward thinker and founder of The Pittsburgh Jazz Network has proposed an Alternative through Millennium Music Media which I am currently checking into and awaiting a callback from a known Artist Currently on their roster.

Joe’s Success in Starting  & Growing The Train Station is in His Initiative to Customize a Service & System the Larger Gyms simply cannot and markets his personal touch accordingly, without railing against them – and Word of Mouth is growing.

Every EntreMusician Must Go and Do Likewise. The Excuses are Over. Other Options Are Available. The Ultimate Option remains in Controlling & Distributing Our Own Songs on Our Individually Owned Platforms and Doing the Hard Work of Marketing Ourselves Appropriately. That’s The Truth of Being Independent Artists.

I wasn’t playing any music while blogging, but I’ve just finished practicing the drums to the “Dreamland” CD by YellowJackets. William Kennedy, ALWAYS WOW!! 

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How to Tell When You’ve “Made It”

As I Write This Post, My Band SounDoctrine’s New Single “Stop On By,” featuring Smooth Jazz Guitar Wiz, Eric Tyus is in the third week of a National BDS Radio Campaign. We’re Biting Our Nails, Sometimes Drawing Blood as the Tuesday Adds Come in and (Not Many) More Stations Report whether they are Playing Us Or Not. In the Meantime, I Am Frantically Juggling Musician & Studio Schedules, Trying to Complete the CD before the Radio Cycle Finalizes while Balancing Family & Ministry. Life is Good.

We Live in a Quaint House with a Wonderful Backyard on a Quiet Street, doors away from our city’s Mayor. My Wife & Daughters couldn’t be more Beautiful or Sweeter. We have Our Faith, Health, Laughter, Food, Clothing, Running Water, Gas in the Cars and the Internet. Life Is Good.

I’ve had the Highs & Lows of Fronting an Originalternativefunkjazzfusion Ensemble (Often All on The Same Day!) We’ve had Gigs where the Promoter paid both the Deposit and our Asking Price with Zero Hick-Ups and other times where I actually saw the Club Owner literally walk out the Front Door with Our Money, Winking At Me while we’re In the Middle of Our Set! How Do I Explain THIS to The Bass Player? Then there was that time in Baltimore where the Agent Never Showed Up to Pay Us although the Place was Packed! In Fact, that might have been the Same Tour where we Played Four Promotional (Read FREE) Shows in a Row to Promote either our latest CD or Someone Else’s Charitable Event for “Exposure…!!”

We’ve Ferociously Chased “The Dream.” We’ve Read the Articles, Attended the Workshops and Conventions, gone through our Fair Share of Saxophonists, Had the Arguments, Sold Out Boxes of CDs, Begged for Downloads, Slept on Floors, Left Audiences in Ovation Screaming for More, Been Unfriended on FB by Former Bandmates, Been Heckled & Booed, Rehearsed One Song for 9 Hours for 25 seconds of TV Time, Had Equipment Stolen and are Now Available on Apple Music. This is Living!

Yet, In All of My Experiences, with No Grammy in Hand, or JayZ Bank Account to boast, I keep the Memory of an Email I received in Early 2003 by a Middle Aged Woman from Pittsburgh, whose Mother was Dying of Cancer and requested her daughter repeatedly play “Under The Shadow” from our debut “Perseverance” CD until ‘she was in the arms of her Jesus’ and wrote to thank me for composing that song.

So When I Get that nagging, negative “You Ain’t Done Diddly in All These Years!?” Voice whispering in my left ear, I Remind Myself of a God Given Gift that Transcends My Own Desires and Touched the Heart of Another who clung to my music when she needed it most and I realize how truly Blessed I Am.

I’m sure You Are Too…

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Appreciate The Journey

A few weeks ago it was necessary for me to transfer all of my earlier work onto new hard drives, most of which were on old 8 track cassette tapes via the (still wonderful) Tascam 688. Due to the lot of them being mislabeled and/or having more than one tune per cartridge, I needed to listen to most before hitting the ‘enter’ button.

Now I should remind you that my personality is one that is always looking forward. Being that I am not yet at the level of success I aspire to be (although truly grateful for my current blessings), I tend to push & push but very rarely reflect. So being in a situation where I was going back some 26 years began in frustration, but soon became a most revealing and rewarding experience.

Firstly, it was pleasant to observe the maturity in my writing and production skills, although I was equally amused that I could identify all the old gear I’d gone through. The DX7 patches, the Junos, the 808 beats and other sounds brought smiles and laughter. I realized that I had been a part of some very good projects and had worked with some incredible talent, many of whom have gone on to do far more than we’d imagined then and others whose choices have led them down darker paths and sadly, some who are no longer with us – but there we were, in the moment – and you can hear & feel the magic!

I surmised during this pensive process that I should not be so driven toward my future endeavors that I ignore, or devalue the experiences which have led to my current reality. I have accomplished. I have achieved. I have participated and I have made a contribution.

You have too! Perhaps you are not where you believe you can or should be. Maybe you are discouraged that you have not yet reached the goals or destination you aim toward. I encourage you – take the opportunity to pause and playback each of those moments in your life and career which have shaped and molded you to be the person, the leader, husband, wife, father, mother, sister, brother, friend, pastor, EntreMusician you are and gratefully appreciate the journey you presently travel.

If you are indeed on the right road, you’ll get there. Make the trip an exciting one!

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Three C’s to NOT Live By!!!

My Mentor Bishop David L. Thomas recently shared with our leadership team three unique words which he had long ago chosen to exclude from his ministry vocabulary of 40 years. I was actively taking notes, but didn’t fully appreciate the magnitude of his teaching until days later while reviewing them. I then decided I also would more consciously eliminate these 3C’s from my own life, anywhere they surfaced and most specifically as an EM.

As I reflected on the various times I was guilty applying these 3C’s, I knew without a doubt, these were the seasons when I was most frustrated, distracted and of very little use toward creating and performing at my best. There have been plenty of these experiences, so I trust my confession will help build a better structure for you to follow.

1) Never COMPARE:

EntreMusicians fare so much better staying away from the Comparison Game. Allowing the vast assortment of esteem issues to surface means certain danger ahead. There will Always be someone out there who writes, plays, sings, records, dresses, etc better than You and I.


Stay in Your Lane. Hone Your Craft. Cull the Best of Your Gift. Be Loyal to Your Call and to Your Following and You Will Receive the Rewards Meant for YOU. There’s Always someone Younger, Older, Stronger, Faster, Hungrier, Leaner, perhaps even more prepared. But that’s none of Your Business! There are also many who are far worse – which leads to the 2nd C…


Once upon a time I had an opinion about absolutely every piece of music that hit the street and I wasn’t intelligent enough to keep my gums sealed.

If I didn’t like it, understand it, appreciate it and/or believe in it, I’d be off on a tangent. I am SO Grateful I didn’t blog back then! The bottom line is my perspective is my own and should stay that way. Every art form is the expression of its originator and although not completely free from critique, should not be locked in the prison of censure. Love It Or Hate, if we can’t engage, then it wasn’t meant for us and we should exercise our choice to leave it on the shelf and keep our comments to ourselves.

3) Never CONDEMN:

Finally, there are a tad few of us who swim well beyond the threshold of demeaning criticism into the forbidden zone of condemnation. Again, Guilty.

Thankfully however, after a few times of having my toes touch my tonsils, I’ve come to realize that you don’t always understand all of the nuances of why someone may behave (or sing) the way they do. We may disapprove of a particular lifestyle, practice, system of faith, philosophy or musical genre but You & I have not been given the right to denigrate. Never Condemn what you don’t Condone. Always Seek a Higher Approach.

My Faith encourages me to Stand for and Defend Righteousness without compromise, while simultaneously loving and showing love to the one whose actions I disagree with. We may not be responsible for them, but we are always responsible to them.

Never Compare
Never Criticize
Never Condemn

These are the 3C’s I will be sharing 40 years from today…

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Definition of an EntreMusician

These September posts are dedicated toward providing educational resources and ideas. Last week we reviewed the book, “Your Band is a Viruss” by James Moore. Today, I’m fleshing out a clearer description of what and who an EntreMusician really is. At first, I thought I could provide a succinct ‘dictionary like’ definition which neatly buttoned up each of the protracted characteristics, as you’ll note toward the end, yet this alone proved stagnant. In wanting to present the most thorough presentation, which draws from both my experiences and aspirations, I’ve composed this soliloquy.

I’d love to hear back from you to see if you agree, and/or if I have left out any important attributes you personally employ.

EntreMusicians who are band members, are usually the leaders. They book the gigs, negotiate the fee, hire and fire the managers and write the checks, even when they don’t get paid themselves. The EntreMusician arrives at the venue first and leaves last. They are more concerned about the sound and the aesthetics than the rest of the band. He may have written all of the lyrics and music for the group. She is quite concerned about and reads up on copyrights, publishing and licensing deals. He defends the brand to the death. She takes online courses in marketing and some web design.

Of course the same applies to the Solo EM!

Everything an EntreMusician chooses or chooses not to do – is carefully weighed against his or her purpose and mission. He knows his audience to within a whisker of their facial hair. She can define their psychographic allegiances and creates art to build upon them. Even decisions seemingly left to chance contain the forethought of building community around the one idea, the one thread that courses through the EntreMusician’s soul.

EntreMusicians are not perfect. Yet, they are never afraid to make and admit to mistakes. They are not ashamed to hit the “reset button” or recalculate and restructure the total package if necessary. They carry the weight, confess their failures and build again. The EntreMusician is committed to success through multiple rejections, personal loss, bankruptcy, abandonment or worse…

The fact that no one understands a true EntreMusician is an asset. The last thing they want to do is follow a mindless crowd. Yet this same person is a confident team builder who treats his/her crew with humility, transparency and leads with integrity. Their priorities are firm and they respect and compliment those who share their journey. EntreMusicians set healthy standards, wholesome boundaries and operate in a spirit of excellence on and off stage.

To summarize – The EntreMusician is a visionary leader committed, focused and disciplined to creating and promoting the finest music possible, regardless of the genre, while maintaining sound business ideals and practices that propel their work forward in the minds and hearts of their targeted tribe.

Hope this helps!,

I was listening to the incredible art of the Brian Blade Fellowship. Their album “Landmarks” grows on you like a bacteria with no cure!

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