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You & The SR Copyright

The Copyright in Sound Recording (SR) serves as a Blanket of Sorts for Your Created Work. And by ‘Work’ I mean Your Song, Poem, Speech, Rap, Spoken Word or Audio Book.

If Your Song is Original and You Created The Music, Lyrics, Melody, Arrangement AND Also Recorded these Elements, You are Eligible to File an SR which covers Your Song in Its Entirety, as opposed to having to separately file a Performance Arts (PA) to Cover the Music & Lyrics.

If You have Covered Someone Else’s song and Plan to Release It to the Public in some format, you’d do well to file for an SR copyright of Your Version beforehand. Just make sure you have appropriately secured licensing from the original copyright owner, either through Harry Fox or EZ Song Licensing.

The SR secures ownership of the fixed instrumentation and sounds irregardless of the Original  Author’s contribution to Music and/or Lyrics. I Just completed an SR for My Production of Eric Tyus‘ version of the Sounds of Blackness‘ classic”Everything Is Gonna Be Alright.”

These days it’s important for the EntreMusician to know the subtle nuances of the SR Copyright on their Original Work. This obviously includes Poets, Motivational Speakers, Preachers, Teachers, Rappers, etc., where so much of our public work is subject to being recorded, sampled, set to music, imported into video, remixed and released to Sound Cloud and Other Apps often without our knowledge.

If You were to Give a Speech or Recite Your Poetry on a College Campus or in front of an Audience and the University or Someone were to Record It on their System, Mobile or other device, that person (or the University) would be Entitled to Ownership through the Library of Congress by filing an SR unless Forbidden to do so by Prior Written Agreement. Undoubtedly, the same holds true for EntreMusicians at their Gigs and Concerts – which is why most people utter firm expletives when “NO RECORDING” signs are posted at Shows, but proceed to record anyway…

Both the Grateful Dead and Dave Matthews Band encouraged Mass Audience Recording & Reproduction of their Concerts and found them to be Excellent Promotional Tools which help Spread their Music like dandelions across a deserted field and many other artists followed suit, some opting to release their own “Official Bootlegs” to boost their fan base.

Plenty still choose to Protect the Dignity of their Live Presentations by Forbidding any Unauthorized Recording, Duplication and Sales of their Appearances in any form. But Everyone knows that Technology Stampedes Sacred Rights and bolsters the Mantra of Free Music for All! This has lead to Intense Conversation which suggests that the Ultimate Role of Copyright is Null & Void, since Everything Everywhere is Available to Everyone within a few clicks.

I Would Love to Know Your Opinion, Especially if You are a Content Creator of any Creative Classification. Are You of the Mindset that Your Conceptions should enjoy the Protection Copyright Provides or that from now on All things Should Be Out on Open Source?

Please Leave a Comment, I’d Love to Explore this Conversation Deeper. If You Have Not Already Done So, Download My Free E-Book, 50 Ways to Transform Your Fans into Family.” 


I Was Not Listening to Any Music while Composing & Posting This Piece, but all kinds of Random Songs are running through my head..

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When It’s Finally Time to Give Up On Your Dream…

Americans this week Celebrated the Life & Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr as a National Holiday. What is most intriguing about His Story is the Sacrifice He was Willing to Pay for the Manifestation of his Ideals, which ultimately and tragically outlives him.

Our Country, the luminous recipients of this Young Man’s Exalted Dream, in spite of the Current Political Turmoil and Present Challenges Cannot Deny an Improved America and the Monumental Gains we have made since the late 1950’s. Because of Dr. King’s Willingness to become the Spokesperson for Righteousness, Equality & Justice amid Bigotry, Racism & Violence, You and I Enjoy Opportunities our Grandparents Never Imagined, irregardless of Race, Color & Creed.

As EntreMusicians who Continually Vacillate between Quitting Our Craft and Staying the Course, we can absorb volumes from this Impartial Pioneer, who Did Not Refuse Jail, Beatings, Water Hoses, Police Dogs, Betrayal, FBI Surveillance and Increasingly Unabashed Hatred with Every Victory He Managed to Secure!

Step by Step, Song by Song, Project to Project we Advance Onward toward Our Personal & Professional Initiatives. Failure is Certain. Setbacks are Assured. Lack Of Resources, Lack of Respect, Closed Doors, Missed Opportunities, Miscalculations and Outright Bone Headed Mistakes Line the Pavement of Our  Desolate Journey. Instances of Having to Begin Again and Again Evolve into recurring Nightmares that take us to the Very Edge of Who We Are.

But We Can Not Quit. We Must Not Give Up. There’s No Towel to Throw. There’s No Plan B.

It’s Not Time Yet!

They Will Say You’re Too Old, Too Poor, Too Slow, Too Fast, Over Qualified, Under Qualified, Too Fat, Too Thin, Too Dark, Too Pale, Unreasonable, Illogical, Crazy, Stupid and Toss More than Cursed Words and Tomatoes at You!

Keep Playing, Keep Planning, Keep Dreaming, Keep Climbing, Keep Pursuing, Keep Writing, Keep Singing, Keep Hoping, Keep Believing.

You Might Be Able to Quit When You’re Dead! When Your Heart Stops Beating, Your Brainwaves Cease and Your Lungs fail to Breathe. Then Maybe, Just Maybe, right after You’re Buried and Your Family is Scrambling Toward the Mashed Potatoes should you think about Laying Your Precious Dream Aside…

Because maybe, perhaps, by chance, possibly somewhere along the way you’ve Inspired Someone to Pick Up The Torch and Fan the Flame of Creativity that Ignites the Next Generation to Pursue the Promise of Music, of Joy, of Celebration of True Spirit, Of Heart, Of Peace and, Of Love…which Never Dies



While Composing this blog entry, I was listening to Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday” which help galvanize the country to compel President Ronald Reagan to sign the bill that made MLK Day a National Holiday in November, 1983.

What Do You Want Your Song To Do???



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One of the greatest EntreMusician moments I’ve experienced occurred in Summer 2010, Downtown Youngstown, when SounDoctrine released “Inspire.” I was sharing with Wilma that the CD was finally out. While talking, she was toying with her phone and then flatly refused to purchase the CD I’d reached into my bag to hand her. Noting my awkward surprise, she turned her phone around to show me the album artwork, smiling, “I just bought it from iTunes!”

“Very Cool!” I thought. “The New Music Biz is Working Great!

I had always utilized the aggregate CD Baby since our first release, “Perseverance” in 2002. As the technology expanded, I would sign up for the new music services – blithely agreeing to them all. The Wilma moment convinced me I had made the right decision.

When we released “Endurance” in 2006, I noticed that CD Baby offered more options, including signing up for services which ‘Did Not Pay,’ implying those sites would increase our Exposure…

Now there’s a word I’d wrestled with before, mostly with promoters, asking us to travel, pay for our own gas, food & lodging, play multiple sets, sometimes multiple venues for ‘showcases,’ ‘workshops’ and ‘conventions,’ all in the Almighty Name of EXPOSURE…Sometimes I flatly refused, but most often I’d jumped at the chance, hoping and a wishin’ and losing more than a few band members along the way. Money Talks. Dreams Scream.

The download and streaming thing, however, seemed fresh and exciting. You know, ‘The Long Tail’ leading to the Grammy acceptance speech and all. But watching companies like Pandora, Spotify & ITunes Radio boast profits in the Millions* and Billions** on the backs of Songwriters & Artists who look at royalty statements that compute to about $0.00087 a track, even with a couple thousand Wilmas listening, means your day job IS far more promising.

I’ve seen cats dial up SounDoctrine on Spotify and listen to our songs with glee. It’s bittersweet to know you’re immediately accessible but won’t be paid for the access. It’s not so sweet watching your manager refuse to add up zeros to try and make a penny. It’s akin to the Seinfeld episode where Jerry’s hands are crinkled and sore from signing all of those foreign 12 cent checks. Most bands would kill for one million 12 cent checks.

On the performance side of the coin, companies like Sonicbids take the Promoter thing to an entirely new level by making the Artist pay for the right to be be exposed to knowledge of the gig and then pay again for asking for the opportunity to play. Gigmasters acts more like an online booking agent, but unlike living, breathing agents (unscrupulous as some can be), you can’t see them fight for you. Radio Play charges you directly for ‘plays’ and in no time at all, you can amass a spitload of email addresses of “fans” who never email you back. Ever.

Needless to say, I’ve been over & over this issue of EXPOSURE. Having done all of this, I’m not comfortable telling you Not To. I am very confident in saying that the price of Exposure cost you real money, real time for very little ROI. Stay Creative. Be Vigilant and Persevere. Build Your Friendship from the Ground Up and make Your Website the main stop for your artistry.


I’ve been listening to mixes I’m preparing for Janis Jones. We begin recording next week.

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